Current Prices of Keke Napep In Nigeria & Things to look out for

Are you planning to buy a Tricycle popularly known as Keke Napep in Nigeria? If ‘yes’, then you have just found yourself an article that contains that latest prices of the different brands of tricycles in Nigeria. Also, you will read in this article, the very important things to look out for in a Keke Napep, before you proceed to buy it.

Prices of Keke Napep In NigeriaAll over Nigeria, Keke Napep has not only become the means of conveying people and goods from one place to another, it has also become an employment providing a platform for the teaming populace who cannot access government and private sector jobs. Others have also seen it as a good business opportunity as they buy and give out to riders for a higher purchase payment. From a relatively known means of transportation few years ago, Keke Napep has found its way into the mainstream transportation industry in Nigeria.

Many people are going into the business for many reasons, some of which is income generation and also its fuel economy.

Prices of new Keke Napep in Nigeria

(For brand new tricycle)

  • Bajaj costs between N600,000 and N850, 000.
  • Piaggio (Diesel Engine) costs from N550,000 – N700,000.
  • Daylong costs between N500,000 and N600,000.
  • TVS is between N580,000 and N650,000.

The above prices are the current in the Nigerian market today.

Things to consider before buying Keke Napep in Nigeria

Below are things you should consider before buying tricycle in Nigeria;

1. Brand

Ensure that you buy from the most popular brand. Yes, it may cost you a few thousand more, but you will realise that it all worth it. This is because people often go for a brand that has been tested and trusted.

2. Fuel Consumption

Consider the fuel consumption rate. This is very important as nobody wants to spend all his earnings on fueling the tricycle and go home with nothing with which to feed his family and take care of bills.

3. Spare Parts

Always go for the brand that its spare parts are always available. It will be a disaster to buy a product whose spare parts will be had to get.

4. Budget

Determine how much you have to buy the Keke. If, however, your budget cannot meet the brand you want, it is important to hold back until you have enough.

5. Durability

Research and find out how long-lasting the different brands could be. You can enquire from mechanics and dealers. If you cannot get one that I s durable, you might regret that you buy one.


As always, we advise you go to the market with an open mind. This is because there may be slight differences in the prices. Although we do not expect the differences to be high enough to prevent you from buying the one of your choice.

Source: Nyscinfo

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