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Current Cost of UK Visa in Nigeria 2021

Many Nigerians travel to the United Kingdom regularly. Many Nigerians visit the country for a variety of reasons, including business, academic studies, and international relations, causing the need to explain the current UK visa prices in Nigeria 2021. This is the cost of a UK visa in Nigeria in 2021.

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There are just a few instances in which a Nigerian does not pay a fee to get a visa in the United Kingdom. If you are visiting the UK on an official government-sponsored visit, you will be granted a free UK visa. Diplomatic passport holders will also be granted free visas to enter the United Kingdom.

If you are trying to the United Kingdom for a reason that doesn’t qualify you for a free visa, it’s critical to learn about the fees associated with your visa type. Obviously, there are several types of UK visas, each with its own charge set by the UK immigration officials.

You can get the most up-to-date information on UK visa costs for various countries by visiting the official website. However, if checking the visa fees provided on the internet one by one is time-consuming for you, you can refer to this post for basic information about UK visa fees in Nigeria.

Visa Types and Their Costs

The UK visa costs discussed in this article apply to most of the most common forms of visas received by Nigerians. We will keep you up to date on these UK visa fees, but you may need to visit the official website in the future. The reason for this is that visa fees in the United Kingdom are liable to vary over time – most likely after a few months.

Cost of Visitor in Transit Visa

To get a UK visa under this visa category, you will need to pay the sum of $87.

Cost of Standard Visitors Visa

The Standard Visitors’ visa appears to be the most popular type of UK visa in Nigeria. The visas available under the Standard Visitors’ visa, as well as the fees associated with them, are shown below.

Short-term visa—6months validity—$125

Longer-term visa—5 years validity—$857

Longer-term visa—2 years validity—$472

Longer-term visa—10 years validity—$1074

Other Categories of Visa

Short-term Study visa

The short-term study visa is intended for those who wish to visit the United Kingdom and study for a limited time—specifically, for a duration of six months.

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Short-term Study visa—6months validity—$251

Special Visitors Visa

Those traveling to the United Kingdom as special visitors can choose from a variety of options. The types of visas available for Special Visitors, as well as the expenses associated with them, are shown below.

The cost of obtaining a civil partnership or marriage via is $125.

Parents who want to visit their children at schools in the United Kingdom can get a visa for $694. This visa, however, is only valid for one year.

Business Visitors Visa

This category of UK visas includes several different via kinds, each with its own set of fees.

The cost of a UK visa for allowed paid engagements, prospective entrepreneurs, and diplomatic couriers is $125.

The cost of a UK visa for dentist inspection, professional attachments, and the PLAB/OSCE test is $130.

Where to Get Information About UK Visa

Visa costs for most countries, including Nigeria, can be found on the official website So far, so good; we’ve only mentioned the visa fees for most of the UK visa kinds that Nigerians typically receive.



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