Covid-19 Loan Support Form (Steps to apply)

Is your business or household affected by lockdowns brought about by lethal Covid19? If ‘yes’, you can fill a Covid-19 Loan Support Form to get fund from the federal government, through the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Covid-19 Loan Support Form

Requirements to get Covid-19 Loan Support in Nigeria

  • Applicants must have a Bank Verification Number (BVN). If you don’t have BVN, go to the bank to create your BVN.
  • You need a functional E-mail account. We recommend you use Gmail account. You can create a gmail account using your computer or mobile phone. Just visit, then click “Sign up”, fill a form and submit.
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How to Register for Covid-19 Loan Support

  1. To access the Covid19 loan support application form, visit

  2. Once the form page open, select reason for loan application, then summit.

There are different type of Covid19 loans

  • Households: those their livelihood are negatively impacted.
  • Microenterprises: Existing Enterprises affected by the pandemic.
  • SMEs: Interprises that want to take advantage of opportunity arising from Covid19.

After completing the loan application, it will display “Thank! Your application has been summited successfully“.

Then afters some days, you will get notification that your application for the loan has been approved.

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If you have a question, kindly go to the comment section below.

Updated: April 3, 2021 — 4:01 pm


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  1. I need assistant sir please find enclosed herewith my resume for your reference please thankful

  2. Babagana mustapha

    Good evening sir I wrote many applications but I didn’t see any approval so help my to check what is going on 07035901285

  3. I have not see any of message notification in my phone please.

  4. I can’t believe that I have registered for all the COVID19 Leon but all to now I haven’t see anyone approv

  5. my email address is

  6. Pls sir I don’t see my nyif pre collfill alart pls help me

    1. My email address is

    2. Dear sir I’m qualified of nyif, but I don’t see my approval texts, please sir I want to help me sir, to know my position

  7. i wan the loan for myvbusiness,,am a furniture

    1. I need money to start a business

  8. I applied and I haven’t received approval text and my Bvn doesnt exis

  9. Dear sir I am approval job or loan about youth development program thankyu sir

  10. Dear sir.
    They have approved my own almost five days now but I never receive the alart, how can I do or what is the problem, please help me out sir, thank you for your understanding Cheer

  11. I want the loan

  12. Ismail Idris Adam

    Please am try it much both unsuccessful up to now

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    My own has already been done

    1. Hw did u fill it

    2. my application is accept on covid 19 but not respond we dnot our stand on it pls sir thank

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    Us to the statement an whele there beginning of reach of them

  16. Mariya Adamu Sayoji

    My question is ‘after I had submitted my application, few days ago they sent me a message saying that they have successfully created my account with nirsal, but they didn’t send me a confirmation email, so please what should I do?

  17. Good morning. I applied for Covid 19 loan as it affects my poultry and fish farming feeds sales.
    Up till now I don’t have any reply nor approval.

  18. Ibrahim Mohammad Tayyib

    It keeps saying bvn does not exist

    1. dear Sir I applied covid19 loan as it affect of poultry farming up till now idont have any reply nor approval.

  19. Innocent Chibueze Moses

    I need support in my business

    1. When I apply they just show me 2020 loan offer that I got

  20. Effiong, Solomon Joseph

    Please I had applied for the household loan since 2020 the response is that it’s been approved, can I apply again?

  21. Bvm not existing , pls what d way out . (re register again)

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