CreditClan: All You Should Know & How To benefit

Many people in Nigeria are unable to access basic essentials due to the status of the economy. Many people resort to taking out large loans in order to make ends meet. These loans are sometimes unrepayable, putting people in a permanent financial situation. CreditClan, fortunately, addresses this issue by creating a platform that allows individuals to obtain services on credit. A summary of all you need to know about the company may be found below.

CreditClan: A Quick Overview

Creditclan is a financial startup that was formed in 2018. The company assists enterprises, banks, and merchants across Africa in providing credit to individuals. The company offers an omnichannel that streamlines collection solutions, credits, and credibility in a way that merchants and financial institutions can use for scalability and consumer engagement.

The company’s technology essentially allows you to get service on credit and pay later. The organization is managed and driven by a group of individuals with backgrounds in technology, risk management, data science, finance, and customer experience. CreditClan is one of the companies that provides no credit check loans. More information on how to get a loan in Nigeria with no credit may be found here.

What kind of services does Creditclan provide?

Schools, businesses, and financial partners can all use the platform. They are as follows:

For business owners

The website enables African merchants to sell their items on credit. Essentially, it allows you to extract items from other platforms that you sell on and give them to customers who pay in installments. To use this service, you must first register as a merchant on the platform, then set up your store, activate a bank relationship, and accept payments.

For Educational Institutions

With the school offer, you can pay your school fees in a simple and flexible manner. By establishing a flexible school price payment plan, this method makes quality education accessible to all. Follow the steps below to use this service:

  1. Create unique URLs for parents by first registering your school.

  2. Encourage parents to use the links to apply for the offer.

Finally, once the platform has approved your offer, you will be paid.

Partners in finance

Essentially, the platform collaborates with institutions such as banks and fintech firms. They assist partners in funding and gaining access to credit ecosystems at reasonable unit costs. Simply register your company on the platform to take advantage of this promotion.

CreditClan is primarily focused on the three services listed above.

How do I sign up for CreditClan?

Follow the steps below to sign up for the platform:

  1. Go to, which is their official website.

  2. Then, on the ‘Sign Up’ toolbar, click.

  3. Choose your preferred method of registration. You have the option of becoming a merchant, a school, or a financing partner.

Finally, fill in vital information about your company and complete the registration process.

What are the prerequisites for joining CreditClan?

The platform requires the following information from you:

  1. Your company’s name

  2. Include your company’s phone number.

  3. Your product’s name and category (for merchants)

  4. CBN authorization (For financial institutions)

  5. Finally, to protect your account from intruders, you must develop a strong password.

Is there a CreditClan mobile app?

CreditClan currently does not have a mobile app. You can, however, use their official website,, to access all of their services. Also, learn about the five most typical reasons why your loan application can be denied.

CreditClan Contact

  • Address: 1038b Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos. Nigeria
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 0905 353 5333
  • Email Address:


CreditClan is an African firm that offers a platform that links lenders and borrowers. The organization focuses on assisting people in obtaining essential services by providing a flexible payment option. They also connect these customers with stores, colleges, and enterprises that are willing to give them credit. In general, the platform is simple to use, convenient, and beneficial.

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