Cost Of A Nigerian International Passport And How To Get It

The Nigerian international passport is a travelling document issued by the government of Nigeria, through the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS). The purpose of an international passport is to certify the identity and citizenship of a person, and to facilitate the movement of such a person between different countries. In this post, we shall look at the current cost of a Nigerian passport.

As you may have known, before you can travel out of Nigeria, you need to have an international passport.

Currently, Nigeria offers electronic passports called the e-passport, which is made of a quality material, and offers protection against water, though you are advised to keep it away from any liquid substance.

How much is Nigerian passport now?

The cost of Nigerian international passport depends on the numbers of pages that you want. Find below the current prices:

  • 32-page, five years standard Nigerian passport cost is N25,000
  • 64-page, five years standard international passport is N35,000.
  • 64-page, 10 years standard passport is N70,000.

Cost of Nigeria international passport renewal

If you have plans to renew your Nigerian international passport, you are expected to provide certain important documents and submit in person at the office of the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS).

The latest cost of renewal of the Nigerian passport is N50,000 if expired, and N70,000 if misplaced or lost.

If lost, you may be referred to the immigration headquarters in Abuja with required documents in order to get it done.

In an instance of loss, you will be required to provide a police report and a court affidavit to back your claims as required by the Nigerian law.

Requirements for renewal of Nigerian international passport

  • A copy of a police report (if misplaced)
  • N70,000 renewal charges (if misplaced)
  • 50,000 renewal fee (if expired)
  • Two recent passport photographs with a white background, preferably.
  • Old passport’s Number of the misplaced passport (if applicable)
  • You are expected to be present in person for the bio-metric and image capturing

Considering the stress involves in passport renewal, especially in a case of loss, it is advisable to ditch the idea of getting a fresh application for a new passport. The official website of the Nigerian Immigrations Services (NIS) is

How to get a Nigerian International Passport

There are two ways by which you can obtain the Nigerian international passport. These are: online and offline.

Offline International Passport Processing

This is the most common means of Nigerian passport application in Nigeria. While it is faster than the online application, it is also more expensive as you would have to go through passport procuring agents who are known for taking advantage of the situation in other to make more money for themselves. Aside from this is the risk of being scammed. As a result, you are advised to be careful as you go about your application. The documents to be submitted to the agent are the same as the ones to be submitted online for the online application.

Requirements for the online Nigerian international passport processing

  • Filled Passport application form.
  • Proof of payment.
  • State/local government of origin.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Change of name affidavit, if you have had a name change.
  • Photocopy of applicants guarantor’s passport data page.
  • Two recent passport photographs.
  • National Identity Number (NIN).

How to apply for the Nigerian international passport online

1) Visit

2) Click on the e-passport link to begin

3) Choose your preferred passport type

4) Choose your processing country

5) Complete the form with your current and correct information

6) Upload the scanned copies of all necessary documents.y

7) Choose the online payment method that you want to pay.

8) Click on submit

How many pages does the Nigerian international passport have?

The Nigerian international passport comes in 32 and 64 pages, respectively. While the 32-page passport booklet is designed for the infrequent travelers, the 64-page is designed for frequent travels: the business individuals, especially. To obtain the 64-page passport, you will have to present you filled 32-page passport.

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