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Delta State ICT-YEP Empowerment Programme 2021

If you wish to be empowered, there is a better opportunity awaiting you, kindly read through to be enlightened about the Delta State ICT-YEP empowerment programme.

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Delta State ICT-YEP Empowerment ProgrammeIn an effort to reduce unemployment and its consequences among the bonafide citizens of Nigeria, and the youth in particular several empowerment programs have been put in place. Check out list of Federal Goverment free-interest loans.

The ministry of Science and Technology
Under the Delta State Government, initiated the Delta State 2021 ICT-Youth empowerment programme (ICT-YEP).

Aims and Objectives of the Programme ICT-YEP

  • To empower the indigenes of the State, whom mostly are youths with an acquired skill.
  • To create job opportunities after acquiring the skill(s) to be self depended.
    While the opportunity is meant and design for the youth, other citizens of the state are not left out, as the programme cover up to self employment training.
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Qualifications for the ICT-YEP

Been an indigen of the State gives one automatic qualification, but other requirements are as followed;

  1. You must be a graduate of any recognized tertiary institution. The institution must not be one in the state, in other words a graduate of any institution nationwide.

  2. Age of applicant must fall within the range of 18 – 40 years.

Skill to be acquired in course of the training programmme.

  • Web application and mobile development
  • ¬†Home and office-based networking.
  • Networking and telecommunication
  • Inverter, solar systems installation and maintenance.
  • Home and office security solutions.
  • Fibreoptics infrastructure and project management skills.

The two Categories of ICT-YEP

This programme is of two categories;

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1. Start up academy

This category involves support that will be given to those who are passionate about ICT, and technology as a step to many society problem. And it is open to those who are of great interest to increase, and build up more on the ICT knowledge.

The course to be learned, and taken inlcudes;

  • Mobile application development
  • Advanced Network.

2. Self employment training

This category gives support to those who want to consider ICT, and has a source of earning.
Course under this category includes;

  • Office and small office networking.
  • Advanced solar, inverter repair, and normal repairs.

How to Apply Delta State ICT-YEP Empowerment Programme 2021

Application can be submit via

You can as well get more updates from the portal while applying.

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