Difference Between Npower Physical Verification & Biometric Verification

The N-Power Batch ‘C’ recruitment has brought new ideas into the recruitment process compare to the former Batch (A & B), which followed a different pattern right from the beginning to the selection stage.

The system adopted in selecting the Batch C beneficiaries has made several applicants asked questions to the management of the Npower scheme, Nyscinfo and the public because of confusion from their end. Especially about the verification.

As a result of the above, we have taken our time to explain the differences between the two types of verification, which the Npower management had introduced right from inception.

First was the Physical Verification (used in previous Batch A&B), and Biometric Verification which is being used in the ongoing Batch C recruitment exercise.

Kindly read about the both below, as we give detailed (concise) explanation;

1. Physical Verification

The Npower Physical Verification is a stage of the program whereby selected applicants are called to present their credentials (the required documents) at the NOA office in their States of deployment, or LGA before being assigned to a place of primary assignment (PPA).

It is tagged Physical Verification because all documents will be checked physically right in your presence, after which other data updates will be done. The documents that will be checked physically are;

  1. Educational Qualification (Certificate such as Degree, HND, OND, and O’level).

  2. NYSC Certificate (Either Discharge or exemption letter).

  3. State of origin certificate.

  4. BVN Print out.

  5. Identity Card.

  6. Passport photographs.

These are to be made available, should in case there is call for physical Verification.

Note: Successful applicants might be given a manual form to fill at their various LGA or PPA, where they are to state the information imputed on their Nasims Profiles.

2. Biometric Verification

The Npower Biometric Verification is a stage of the program whereby prospective applicants are requested to authenticate their personal data (information), right on the Nasims Portal through a fingerprint capturing platform. This will enable the management of the scheme to;

  1. Authentic the BVN of each applicant.

  2. Determine if the imputed Bank account details where monthly stipends will be paid into belong to the very applicant.

  3. Easily detect foreigners claiming to be Nigerians, in order to benefit from the scheme.

  4. Identify applicants who are already benefiting from other governmental scheme, and still applied for the Npower program.

With the explanations given about the both forms of Verification, you can see that they aren’t meant for the same purpose, and with the clear difference both can be adopted in the Batch C recruitment exercise that is ongoing.

Source: Nyscinfo

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