5 Dubai International Scholarships For Nigerians

If you are a Nigerian and you want to further your studies in Dubai through a scholarship award, you are strongly advised to pay diligent attention to this article, because it helps you with extensive information about different Dubai international scholarships. The United Arab Emirates offers many scholarships to brilliant people who want to further their studies in the country.

Higher education in Dubai is highly rated for the high quality of teaching and training, as well as various scholarships it provided for qualified international students.

If you have been seeking scholarships to study abroad and you have gotten none, now may just be your time to crack the last piece of the puzzle. In this article, we run you through popular scholarships available for oversea students in Dubai.

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List of Dubai International Scholarships

Below are the popular scholarships available for oversea students in Dubai:

1. IMT Scholarships

IMT scholarship is designed for students with business-related course who are responsible and are aware of the challenges of multicultural societies, sustainability, and environment ethics. This scholarship opportunity is available for international students from continents like Africa, Central Asia, East Asia, CIS, North and South America.

2. IRENA Scholarships

Irena Scholarship is backed by the government of UAE and is designed for an eight Master of Science programs at the MASDAR Institute in Dubai. If you want to apply for this scholarship, you can visit the institution’s website on www.ku.ac.ae/institute/masdar.

3. Al Dar University College Scholarships

If you are a student in serious need of financial help, Al Dar University College scholarship is designed to assist you further your education. To qualify for the award of this scholarship, however, you must fulfil distinctive admission criteria and as well register as a full-time student. This scholarship covers all your expenses down to the minor payments. Apply here www.aldar.ac.ae.

4. Shiekha Shamsa Bint Suheil Chair Scholarship

Shiekha Shamsa Bint Suheil Chair Scholarship is exclusive to students who want to further their studies at e-school of Business and Quality Management. The University selects four students who have done outstandingly in their studies and award them the scholarship. The needed requirement is to meet all the scholarship’s entry criteria. Visit the website for more.

5. Al Qasimi Foundation’s Doctoral Research Grants

This scholarship is a doctoral research grant given by Sheik Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for applicants of all nationalities. Note that this scholarship is only available to students who are currently undergoing PHD education in a recognized university with outstanding results.

The scholarship takes care of all expenses of students associated with their research work in the United Arab Emirates. To apply, visit the website on www.alqasimisfoundation.com

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