List of Electricity Bill Payment Services in Nigeria

It’s interesting to know the amount of electricity units before and after payment for record-keeping purposes. You don’t have to be stressed out about starting to calculate when there are only a few organisations that offer such services. Simply key in the amount to see the number of units — it’s as easy as ABC. This post will give you list of electricity bill payment services in Nigeria.

List of Electricity Bill Payment Services in Nigeria

I’m not going to list banks in Nigeria because the majority of them are linked to one of the prominent electricity bill payment systems, while others receive tokens straight from the Power Holding businesses. Furthermore, they (the banks) do not calculate the expected number of token recharges.

1. is a well-known and convenient way to pay your electricity bill. Though their fees may be inconvenient, they only charge N100 (plus VAT if purchased through a bank) for each electricity bill payment. However, to save money, it is best to buy straight from (charges). Click here to read the rest of our BuyPower review.

BuyPower estimates the unified base of the purchasing amount input before initiating payment. Even after the payment has been completed, the receipt is delivered to the consumers’ email addresses and over SMS, together with the electricity recharge unite.

2. Baxi

Baxi is a multi-channel financial platform, unlike BuyPower, which is known for electricity bill payment.

Baxi is so handy that there are no fees associated with purchasing electricity tokens through the platform. Rather, bonuses are awarded for each transaction made through the site. It works in the same way as BuyPower in that it calculates and displays the predicted unite before proceeding to payment, and it also displays the Token unite after payment, but it is not included on the receipt generated.

Because this is a competitive market for third parties, better firms will undoubtedly emerge shortly with unique packages, and this website will be updated as we continue our search for the best.

Also, if you have better apps that allow you to determine how many Electricity units you will get for the amount you plan to buy and even after buying, please share them in the comments section below.


Please note that none of the above-mentioned organisations create these tokens; payment and tokens are sent to (and generated by) the Power Holding service providers (see list of service providers and states they serve here).

Why is it vital to know how many units you have before and after you buy?

For record-keeping purposes — to know what to expect when deciding whether to increase or decrease.

Still, customers will want to know the number of tokens generated, which makes Baxi and BuyPower the best options to employ for consumer satisfaction.

Source: Nyscinfo

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