eNaira Speed Wallet download link and how to sign up

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had officially launched the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) popularly known as eNaira on Monday, October 25 2021. With the launch of this crypto currency, Nigeria becomes the first African country to have a digital currency. The eNaira Speed Wallet is a mobile app for fast and convenient way to carry out financial transactions involving eNaira.

You can download and sign up to get started with eNaira Speed Wallet by following the guideline on this post.

Kindly note that eNaira is safe to use. Your money is guaranteed and secured with the Central Bank of Nigeria, so there is no need for fear. eNaira has a very stronger security because it cannot be forged/counterfeited due to its unique identity and security features.

The eNaira mobile app is smart and easy to use. It enables remote, online, or in-person transactions, paying and getting paid are as simple as ABCD.

How to download eNaira Speed Wallet mobile app

eNaira mobile app is available for Android phone users on Google PlayStore. To download and install the application, kindly CLlCK HERE!,

After downloading the eNaira app, follow the steps below to sign up:

1) Open the downloaded eNaira mobile app on your phone,

2) At bottom of the eNaira mobile app, click on “Sign up” link,

eNaira mobile app3) Click on “Sign up with your Bank” button,

4) Select your Bank from the drop-down menu,


5) After selecting your Bank, create an account by entering your ‘Phone number’ and your desire ‘Password’,

6) Click on “Continue” button,

7) Fill the pop up form with your personal information, and click on “Continue” button.

Kindly share this information with friends and relations on social media. If you have questions regarding the Central Bank of Nigeria eNaira, go to the comment section below, our admin will be there to attend to you.

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