Fake N-power Fund Grant – Beware of this!

When it comes to financial matters, people barely make findings before opting in, especially for the fact that there isn’t any portable job out there. Scammers now use it as an opportunity to generate formats that people will easily fall for.

One of the latest smart trick they used now is the “Npower Fund grant”. Although, they have used similar trick during the coronavirus period, which they tagged “Covid19 empowerment fund”.
Currently, a lot of persons are following the N-power program, as they look forward to be part of the lucky Batch ‘C’ beneficiaries that will be accepted into the program soon.

It is, therefore, necessary to let the public know that, the very “Fund Grant” that is on circulation on social media is fake and should be ignored.

For those that mistakenly click on the link (n-power.freefunds.xyz) should ensure you they don’t input any of their vital information, to avoid being scammed.

If any such registration for grant is ongoing, it will be announced on the Npower official website, Nyscinfo, National Newspapers, Radio, etc.

The only ongoing registration that concerns Npower is the NEXIT empowerment [click here to apply], which is not meant for the general public but those exiting the Npower program i.e Batch A and Batch B.

For now it is better you ignore any link(s), directing you to the Npower grant fund and other unconfirmed benefits.

Our hope is that this information should go viral, so as to serve as a guide to the general public not to fall victim for this very smart trick used by the scammers.

Note: Aside this very scamming trick, N-power batch C recruitment is on hold and no date for the aptitude test is fixed, neither have they picked qualified applicants.

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