FG Begin N-skill Program Entrepreneurship Training In Bauchi State

The Nigerian minister of humanitarian affairs, disease management, and social development, Sadiya Umar Farouq, officially declared the commencement of N-skill for life, vocational, and entrepreneurship skills in Bauchi State, Nigeria. The program N-skill is in line with the national skill qualifications framework (NSQF) for the development, classification, and recognition of skills, knowledge, and competencies acquired by an individual regardless of the method and location where the training or skill was acquired.

According to observation, the ministry is putting much of its strength into the selection of a standard firm where this skill can be carried on for 6,475 unemployed Nigerian youth. And as for the impact of the program on humanity and the market, the N-skill will also help in creating a gap in demand for standard and market-relevant skills.

Therefore, according to the minister, she encourages every young Nigerian to see this as an opportunity that will not only improve their wellbeing but also serve as a means through which they can develop their skills and chances of being employed. HM Sadiya Umar Farouq explained.

And in order to see the effectiveness of the program, she visited two science schools and technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) project centers in federal and state government secondary schools in Bauchi. The two are among the 13 STEM schools.

Her reason for visiting was to properly see that the training centre has an improvement in digital literacy, functional skill acquisition, functional school infrastructure, and teacher training, as well as to contribute bountifully toward developing the human capital needed for the knowledge-based economy. Sadiya Umar Farouq moved forward to a computer-aided learning centre in Bauchi state, Nigeria.

Furthermore, with the fast spread of use of technology and its adoption among the literate ones, the program’s overall sense is to improve digital learning among children, along with special education needs attached to it.

And because it was a digital learning project, it therefore required the provision of computer software and hardware, along with other necessary requirements, which included furniture and getting Participate ready for functional e-learning among visually and hearing-impaired students (those who are not able to use their sight and hearing organs normally).

Apart from the explanations as well as the minister’s impression of the N-skill, I advise those who have grabbed this offer to make proper use of it as they see how they can best engage themselves even during and after acquiring the skill.

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