FG Opens NELEX Portal To Help Unemployed Nigerians Get A Job

The Federal Government of Nigeria has approved the opening of a new job creation portal, NELEX for Nigerians living within and outside the country.

According to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, the National Electronic Labour Exchange (NELEX) project is an innovative platform designed to evolve a database of employable Labour in Nigeria to facilitate the job exchange functions of the Ministry.NELEX Portal

Though, NELEX portal has been in existence over the years, the federal government, on Wednesday, said it has endorsed the official opening of the National Electronic Labour Exchange portal to enhance employment and job creation.

This was disclosed to the public by the Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, while briefing newsmen at the end of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting held at presidential Villa Abuja.

According to Ngige, the platform is meant to be used by job seekers on one side and employers on the other.

For example, the employers will use the portal to load the vacancy they have, the type of skill they want, qualifications, etc while job seekers use the portal to search for available jobs.

He said;

“The employers will come in and load the vacancy they have, the type of skill they want, the qualifications of people that can fit in there.

“Then the job seekers, those who are looking for a job, graduates, non-graduates will register, put in the qualification, put in their skill and what you can do and then the two groups are matched. The employer can speak with a job seeker via that platform.

“So over the years, we have not been able to expand it. But on a bilateral, multilateral agreement, now the funds are provided. So we are redesigning it, remodeling it, and then upgrading the infrastructure.

NELEX portal Address

The NELEX portal URL address is http://www.nelexnigeria.com

The portal creates a competitive environment for effective job recruitment in the country and also facilitates economic plans of the government of Nigeria by providing latest information on job openings.

Source: nyscinfo.côm

2 thoughts on “FG Opens NELEX Portal To Help Unemployed Nigerians Get A Job”

  1. Olorunjueda Alade Abraham

    This is nice idea by the minister of Labour but how could the platform filter off employees’s dupers or fake employers who claims to be true to give jobs to seekers but on the other hands post job vacancies to harm seekers? Hon. Chris Ngige ought to bring this effects to consideration in the design

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