FMARD Life Programme Initiative: All You Need to Know

If you are reading this article, be prepared to benefit from the FMARD Life Programme Initiative, as we will share all you need to know about the new scheme. Read this article carefully to the end in order to get full information. And in case you don’t know, FMARD is an acronym for the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. This government ministry is responsible for implementing all agricultural policies of the government. It starts programmes that will bring about productivity and general development in agriculture in Nigeria. The Life Programme is one of the many empowerment schemes of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

On the other hand, LIFE means Livelihood Improvement Family Enterprise. The LIFE Initiative was started by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) to help the disadvantage youth and women in rural and semi-urban communities in Nigeria live a good life. . The LIFE programme aims to improve their means of livelihood in order for them to achieve decent living. The LIFE programme advances community-based on-farm and off-farm business activities along major agricultural value chain as an instrument for job and wealth creation among youth and women who are unemployed.

Goals of the FMARD Life Programme Initiative

  • Promotes community-based on-farm and off-farm business activities.
  • Improve their means of livelihood in order for them to achieve decent living.
  • Contributes to the accomplishment of food security in Nigeria.
  • Equip the unemployed youth and women to become empolyers of labour.
  • Increase income generation for rural dwellers across Nigeria through the promotion of business enterprise.
  • Support 3, 000, 000 (Three Million) rural youths and women in agricultural value chain
  • Produce 14, 000, 000 metric tons of food across all the local governments of the federation.

Who Can Benefit the FMARD Life Programme Initiative?

  1. The programme is open to individuals between the ages of 18 and 40
  2. All women, especially woman led households
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How to apply?

All the application instructions can be found on the official FMARD portal. Ensure that you read the instructions carefully before you submit your applications. Please click this link to know more and apply for the 2021 Life Programme.

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Updated: August 6, 2021 — 8:49 am

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