Minister Confirms Npower Outstanding Payment

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, and Poverty Alleviation has confirmed that Npower’s pending payment would be made! They are rejigging the program in response to beneficiary advocacy on behalf of all beneficiaries and prospective applicants.

While you wait for the Npower program to be upgraded, it is critical that you continue to develop yourself with abilities that will prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Learn new skills online using various online learning platforms such as Google, YouTube, Ademy, and others. Search for and apply for alternative jobs because, as you are all aware, the Npower program is not a permanent position.

We make every effort on the Npower discussion group blog to highlight other empowering options for you to take advantage of. While you are on this blog, please feel free to browse other categories such as Jobs in Nigeria, Loans, Technology, and Scholarships to look for possibilities to apply.

We hope that the new management in charge of the Social Investment Programme NSIP, of which the Npower program is a component, would complete the restructuring shortly so that recipients can begin to reap the advantages.

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