FRSC New Salary Structure Based On Ranks

Do you want to know how much the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) pays its officers? If ‘yes’, keep reading as we show you the new FRSC salary structure. You may also like to apply for FRSC recruitment.

The paramilitary has a special structure at which their salary is being disbursed. Although the structure is usually designed base on ranks, but similar rank holder has a different pay as long as it is a different force/military body.

However, the Federal Road Safety Commission isn’t an exceptional in salary structure, as all officers of the commission are paid based on their ranks.

The agency came into existence in the year 1988, and ever since then, it has attracted positive records based on achievements.

Basically, the major reason behind the formulation of the FRSC is to ensure that all road users abide by the laid down rules and regulations, that will bring about safety in our roads (especially highways), and other link roads.

Such agency (FRSC) will bring about minimization of road accident, and other unforeseen events that can take place on the roads and related sector(s).

Duties of the FRSC

  • To ensure safety on highways.
  •  Checking of road worthiness of vehicles.
  •  Bringing forth ideas that will reduce road accident to a minimal level.
  • Educating the masses about road safety, i.e. road discipline, on both minor roads and major roads.

Aside from the duties mentioned above, they can be compelled to carryout several obligations related to road safety.

FRSC Salary Structure and Ranks

The Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) basic salary for those that joined the corp with a secondary certificate is about N45,000 per month, while the average salary for graduates in FRSC is N150,000 per month.

However, the salary of an officer is mainly determined by their ranks. For example; if you join the FRSC as a graduate, you would be paid N150,000 per month, but as your rank goes up, your salary increases, similar to those that joined with SSCE.

FRSC salary based on ranks

We will start with the amount received yearly, starting with the topmost ranks in the corp.

FRSC Chief Inspector salary

This is the highest rank in the commission, and anyone given with this position receives the sum of one million, four hundred and five thousand, four hundred and forty-nine naira (N1,405,449) per year.

FRSC Deputy Chief Inspector salary

This is the second highest rank, with a pay of one million three hundred and twenty-five thousand, two hundred and thirty-four naira (N1,325,234) annually.

FRSC Assistant Chief Inspector salary

The rank of an ACI receives One million two hundred and fifty-two thousand, thirty-eight naira (N1,252,038) yearly.

FRSC Principal Marshal Inspector salary

Anyone occupying this rank receives nothing less than one million one hundred and forty-three thousand five hundred and thirty-nine naira (N1,143,539) yearly.

FRSC Senior Marshal Inspector salary

Officers in the SMI rank level receive a yearly salary of one million fifty-eight thousand, four hundred and sixteen naira (N1,058,416) per year.

FRSC Marshal Inspector I salary

Those in this rank receive seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand, eight hundred and seventy-six naira (N777,876) per year.

FRSC Marshal Inspector II salary

Those with the rank of Marshal Inspector II get a yearly salary of five hundred and forty-eight thousand, three hundred and eighty-seven naira (N548,387) per year.

FRSC Marshal Inspector III salary

These sets of officers are paid three hundred and ninety-three thousand, four hundred and forty-two naira (N393,442) yearly.

FRSC Chief Road Marshal Assistant salary

The officers with this rank are paid nine hundred and sixty-six thousand, seven hundred and sixty-one naira (N966,761).

FRSC Deputy Road Marshal Assistant salary

Officers on this level (rank) go home with five hundred and thirty-nine thousand, forty-eight naira (N539,048).

FRSC Senior Road Marshal Assistant salary

Those that have this rank receive three hundred and eighty-seven thousand, four hundred and twenty-eight naira (N387,428).

FRSC Road Marshal Assistant I salary

The RMA I officer receive three hundred and forty-nine thousand, five hundred and eighty-nine naira (N349,589).

FRSC Road Marshal Assistant II salary

The RMA II Officers are paid the sum of three hundred and nineteen thousand, seven hundred and forty-one naira (N319,741).

FRSC Road Marshal Assistant III salary

The RMA III officers are paid three hundred and five thousand, five hundred and seventy-six naira (N305,576).

Note: The salary structure stipulated in this post did not in any way have other allowances attached to it, as it covers only the basic salary received on a yearly basis.

Aside from the major salary structure that is based on rank, there is another way the pay can be viewed. This other way is based on an officer entry level, which is stated as;

A. Those with SSCE

Officers that got into the agency with O’level receive two hundred and ninety-eight thousand, five hundred and six naira (N298,506) to three hundred and thirty thousand, two hundred and thirty-one naira (N330,231). They are placed on grade level three (3).

B. Those with OND

Officers who were recruited into the agency with Ordinary National Diploma are paid three hundred and twenty-nine thousand, eight hundred and fifty-three naira (N329,853) to three hundred and seventy-four thousand, two hundred and fifty-nine naira (N374,259), and placed under grade level five (5).

C. Those with HND

Officers that joined the agency with Higher National Diploma certificates receive four hundred and eighty-three thousand, fourteen naira (N483,014) to five hundred and sixty-seven thousand, sixty-five naira (N567,065). They are placed on grade level seven (7).

D. Those with BSC

Officers that joined the agency with a degree receive eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand, nine hundred and fifty-six naira (N888,956) to nine hundred and eighty-eight thousand, nine hundred and ninety-one naira (N988,991). They are placed on grade level eight (8).

With the well defined explanation given in this post, we believed those that wish to get the accurate salary figure for FRSC won’t search any more.

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  1. The accurate is not true am into transport.. I studied transport in sch the salary of the chairman of FRSC I per month is something around 800, 000


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