How to Apply for Gist Catalyst Virtual Pitch Competition

Applications are especially requested for technologies that solve global concerns through Agriculture Innovations, Clean Climate & Energy Innovations, Global Health Innovations, and Water Solution Innovations for Gist Catalyst Virtual Pitch Competition. Please keep in mind that your GIST Catalyst application will require a 90-second pitch video and the usage of a video hosting site such as YouTube. This film will be utilised throughout the adjudication to provide the judges a better understanding of you and your scale-up. Make sure your pitch video is short, high-quality, and no more than 90 seconds long.

Young STEM entrepreneurs can use IST Catalyst to improve their pitch and exhibit their scale-up on a worldwide stage, while also receiving significant mentoring from American entrepreneurs and academics who are thought leaders in the field.

Catalyst also allows participating entrepreneurs to raise their scale-awareness. up’s The viewers will not be restricted geographically because the live semi-final and final pitches will be broadcast on a virtual platform. This is an opportunity to showcase your idea and gain support by promoting your scale-up to your community, network, and the rest of the globe. GIST Catalyst has aided innovators in obtaining finance for their ventures, collaborating with the private sector in the United States, and forming new relationships. Catalyst was first held during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 in Hyderabad, India, and will be held again in 2019 in The Hague, Netherlands. Catalyst allowed more than 60 entrepreneurs to present their scale-ups to high-impact investors, policymakers, and leaders in the US private sector, as well as compete for generous startup resources.

Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Background

The Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative of the United States Department of State supports young innovators to develop innovative solutions that address economic and development concerns through networking, skill building, mentoring, and access to capital.

The GIST programme is based on a simple principle: if you give young men and women the skills they need to be great entrepreneurs, they will develop confidence and be more willing to take the risks necessary to transform their ideas into new businesses.

Catalyst Virtual Pitch Competition’s Goals and Benefits

Participants in the GIST Catalyst Virtual Pitch Competition in 2021 will compete for tens of thousands of dollars in mini grants and entrepreneurial resource prizes, as well as mentorship and training opportunities, the opportunity to showcase their innovative solution to the entire GIST community, including investors, and the prestige that comes with every GIST event.

  • 1st Prize: $15k
  • 2nd Prize: $12k
  • 3rd  Prize: $10k

Special Prizes

Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur: $8500

  • Spirit of GIST: $1500
  • People’s Choice: $1500

Qualification Criteria for the Catalyst Virtual Pitch Competition

  1. All live pitches and pitch films must be totally in English.
  2. All submissions must be in the concept or startup stage.
  3. The pitching entrepreneur must be 18 to 40 years old and from a GIST economy.
  4. Startups that address difficulties through Agriculture Innovations, Clean Climate & Energy Innovations, Global Health Innovations, and Water Solution Innovations will be given special consideration.
  5. Startups whose solutions meet the concerns of traditionally underrepresented populations will be given special consideration.

Catalyst Virtual Pitch Competition Applicants Interview Dates, Process, and Location: 27 September – 13 October

Semifinals Virtual Pitching Live: November 1-5

Finals are on November 9th (Live Pitching Finals)

The deadline for applications is September 22, 2021.

How to Apply for Catalyst Virtual Pitch Competition

If you’re interested and qualified, please fill out the form below. To apply, go to and search for Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST).

Visit the GIST website for further information.

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