Group Launchs Made In Naija Power House Reality TV Show

A brand-new reality TV program, Made In Naija Power House Show, has been launched to produce one of the most motivating and entertaining programs for Nigerian grassroots innovators and inventors. Contestants will be chosen to compete in the first season of “Made in Naija, Power House” through nationwide auditions.

A panel of knowledgeable judges and an audience looking for edutainment, humour, fun, tragic evictions, and mind-blowing ideas will be intrigued by the intriguing process and quest to come up with the “new big idea” and earn prizes worth N70M! The creators of this show are preparing for that. The first season of the reality series “Show Your Science,” which is intended to entertain many families in Africa and elsewhere, is almost likely to be fantastic.

Anyone who enjoys reality television will fall in love with it all over again when they watch the Made in Naija Power House reality show, where intriguing, creative, and young people (both men and women) compete to “show their science” and win 20 million naira and other gifts.

The show is intended to promote a new culture of creativity, original thought, and science, according to Mr. Odia Omovbude, one of the show’s creators.

He continued by saying that science can be used to produce very enlightening and highly entertaining stuff, just as art does. Therefore, this presentation in no way conforms to the stereotype of a science program. It promises to be quite engrossing because no drama is spared.

The program will be broadcast on well-known free-to-air terrestrial television channels in the nation as well as on pay television, allowing viewers to watch it without restriction.

Massive campaigns to find all Nigerian grassroots inventors are currently in progress. People who may not yet have invented anything but who have creative ideas and can present them persuasively to the judges at the nationwide auditions are urged to sign up for the auditions, which are taking place in important states like Lagos, Abuja FCT, Enugu, and Owerri.

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  1. Wow. This is quite new and sounds interesting. Please, how can one register? I cant find link to register

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