Guaranty Trust Bank MS SQL Scholarship For Nigerians

Interested and qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for the Guaranty Trust Bank Plc Graduate Programme. Guaranty Trust Bank plc. is a leading Nigerian bank with extensive business operations in Anglophone West Africa and the United Kingdom.

About GTB

Guaranty Trust Bank plc was established in 1990 as a limited liability company with a license to provide commercial and other banking services to Nigerians. Since its inception in February 1991, the bank has evolved to become one of Nigeria’s most renowned and service-oriented institutions. Guaranty Trust Bank may be the right fit for you if you want to work in a place where learning is encouraged, talents are cultivated, and enthusiasm is rewarded. Learn more about graduate, internship, and specialized opportunities by clicking on the links below. Guaranty Trust Bank places a premium on developing employees. We provide students and graduates with internship chances to study from a world-class firm.

Our internship programs will help you gain technical knowledge and personal skills that will help you make an impact in your career and gain valuable on-the-job experience. It’s a fantastic way to learn more about the various job options available to you. Guaranty Trust Bank is dedicated to developing young talent and giving them with opportunity to find their abilities, discover themselves, and make a difference in the world. Because we provide and develop a world-class training atmosphere, our entry level training program is an exciting platform to launch your career.

Qualification for GTCO Database Administrator.

  1. Has at least 5 years of database administration expertise with Microsoft SQL Server. Knowledge of other well-known databases will be beneficial.
  2. Troubleshooting and resolving database integrity concerns, performance difficulties, blocking and deadlocking issues, and replication issues are all skills that you should have.
  3. Understanding of query optimization
  4. Database Clustering, High Availability (Always ON), and Disaster Recovery (DR) options for MS SQL databases are all expert knowledge.
  5. Indexing, index management, and database statistics are all skills you’ll need.
  6. Communication and documentation abilities are essential.
  7. Knowledge of indexes, index management, integrity tests, database configuration, and patching is essential.
  8. The candidate must be competent to create high-availability database systems.
  9. Candidate must be able to assist data management both proactively and reactively.
  10. The candidate must be capable of releasing database modifications.
  11. Implementation experience with database replication solutions
  12. Knowledge of a user’s access privileges and permissions in MS SQL Server 2016 and higher proficiency
  13. Working knowledge of the Linux and Windows operating systems
  14. Database backup and recovery is something you should be familiar with.
  15. Knowledge about the Oracle Golden Gate will be beneficial.

How to Apply

Are you both interested and qualified? Apply for a Tech Academy scholarship at Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

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