HDMI Value Added Concession Initiative Application Now Open

The procurement process application for private sector partnership under the HDMI has commenced. Companies and consortia who are interested should visit the portal https://hdmi.worksandhousing.gov.ng/ for application, and more information.

HDMI Value Added Concession Initiative Application Now OpenThe HDMI was developed, and conceptualize by the FMWH in collaboration with the ICRC.The Highway Development and Management Initiative aim to facilitate the development of parts of Nigeria’s 35,000km of the federal highway network by bringing order, accountability, efficiency, and profitable entrepreneurship to the operation, maintenance of all assets within the rights of way, and management.

Under the Highway Development and Management Initiative the value “Added concession” is the concession of economically viable routes to consortiums, and companies that are private with technical, and financial capability proven in order to develop and Manage the entire right of way and the road pavement.

The standard concession procedure will be follow by the concession as set out by the ICRC .The infrastructure concession regulatory commission is the federal government agency responsible for the implementation, and development of the (PPP) public private partnership framework for the provision of services which are infrastructure.

How to apply for HDMI Value Added Concession Initiative Application Now Open

Carefully read the guidelines below before you proceed with the application.

Submission of the application is done electronically through the E-portal of hdmi, and a hard copy Should be submitted as well using courier as the means.
Further instructions are contained in the RFQ Documents. See guide below;

A. Electronic Submission instructions
Step 1: Registration of applicants are done using the “click here to apply link” which is at the page. Email verification follows immediately after a successful registration.

Step 2: Applicants are required to log back into the portal, and then enter the basic consortium or company details.

Step 3: The RFQ document is expected to be downloaded by the applicant(s), and the accompanying application form.

All instructions which the applicant(s) is expected to strictly follow in filling the application form is contained in the RFQ document.
Complete the forms using instructions as contained in the RFQ. Applicants are also advised to carefully study the RFQ document thoroughly.

Step 4: The completed application form is expected to be uploaded by applicants after ensuring all details, and information contained therein are accurate, and correct.

Step 5 to 7: The required supporting documents that correspond to the respective application forms are expected to be uploaded by applicants. The correct documents under the relevant form number must be uploaded as well.

Step 8: The courier service, and dispatch receipt form are expected to be uploaded by applicants to help complete their application process.

Note: Applicants can log out at any stage throughout the application portal.

B. Submission of hard copy instructions

Step 1: One hard copy (through courier) bound shall be submitted by the applicants in a signed and sealed envelope, which is clearly marked (Name and application number).

Please you must ensure that the hard copy which is printed must be the same copy as what was submitted online via the electronic portal.
The submission address;
Federal ministry of works and housing, PPP unit, Mabushi, Abuja, Nigeria.

Step 2: There shall be rejection of dispatch receipt uploaded after the closing date of the E-portal.

Note: Applicants who are successful from the RFQ stage, will be notified that they have been shortlisted through their daashboard which is on the HDMI portal, and through other official channels of communications as stated in the RFQ.

Click Here to Apply for Value Added Concession Initiative [https://hdmi.worksandhousing.gov.ng/vac]

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