ICYF Ramadan Contest 2021 for Global Muslim Youths

The Islamic cooperation youth forum which is an international organization in affiliated with the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) is calling on eligible, and interested candidates to submit applications for the ICYF RAMADAN CONTEST.

ICYF Ramadan ContestThe youths are given another good opportunity to look forward to, through the 2021 ICYF Ramadan Contest that will be providing a platform for them to show their traditions in the blessed month of Ramadan, and local customs.

We’re calling on the youth to express their Ramadan tradition and customs in video, text, and photo formats in an effort to help bring us together at a time when we are been disconnected in the physical world.

Promoting of our culture and customs is the major aim at this point in time, as it will be done through multimedia during Ramadan, within the frameworks of the beautiful religion of Islam. We want you to show us what you do differently in this holy month within your locality, and how you spend your time in Ramadan.


The contest will be held in three (3) categories; One or all categories can be applied for by participants at the same time, as long as he/she can meet up with the terms.
(Ensure you read the terms on how to apply for multiple categories).

Perfect Essay On any of the Topics;

  • How can Islamic fasting and Ramadan help encounter COVID 19.
  • Activities, customs and traditions, still practiced in Ramadan inherited from Islamic challenge.
  • Limitations on our daily routine due to COVID 19 with all this new global restrictions; How can this affect Ramadan 2021 activities, and traditions.


  • Entry is free of charge, and it’s open to the general public (any one who is interested).
  • Sending films to the secretariat process is one-staged.
  • Works which is submitted to the contest cannot be retrieved.
  • There will be disqualification of any works that have won in any other national or international competitions.
  • First degree relatives submissions, and ICYF staff members will not be evaluated.
  • Application of all three (3) categories at once can be apply by participants but they will need to fill a new application form for each category.
  • A brief description/background, including the site, municipality, city, and province together with works must be submitted in English, the circumstances surrounding the capturing of the video, or photo.
  • Participants are deemed to have acknowledged that the video/photo/essay submitted to the challenge may be used on social media, and other media platforms by participating in this contest.
  • All youths aged between 18 – 35 years is open to Ramadan Contest or of OIC member states.
  • The participants acceptance of all of the regulations of the contest means the completion of the participation application form.
  • All final decision shall be made by the ICYF secretariat to all cases, including those not set according to the current format, or insignificance resulting from its contest as well as making difference in some of them.
  • The works are not allowed to be re-sent changed or modified again. Short films which are produced by more than one director required that one single individual represent the group.
  • A registration form should be fill out by the applicants for the contest participation. The completion of the form means that the owner of the picture is the participant. If there is a case where there should be any legal claim against it, he/she will bear full legal responsibility.

2021 Awards of ICYF Ramadan Contest

  • An award of 500 USD cash prize will be awarded to the best submission of each category.
  • An award of 250 USD cash prize will be awarded to the second -best submission of each category.

The best submission will be evaluated, and selected by the jury.

Note: Only winners of award will be informed by the organizers.


Short Film Requirements
Duration: Maximum three (3) minutes
Video Resolution:1920×1080 in horizontal
Acceptable video formats: MP4, H264 formats.

Structure: Submitted video should include a video cover, accompanied with the authors name, title at the beginning,and the credits at the end of the clip.

The authors of each video must have clearly have copyright of the visual content, and audio. And the video should not have any commercial pitch.

Codecs: In order to provide as much portability across platforms as possible do not use special codecs.

Audio is optional, but lack of audio should have a minimal impact on the comprehension of the video.

Requirements For Photo

  • Submission of photo must be in high resolution JPEG format, and should not exceed 50MB per entry.
  • No photoshopped entries, no editing, no logo added etc. That is to say all photos must be original.
  • The submitted photo must be an original creation, no copyrighted images will be used/accepted.
  • Ensure that the photo is in compliance with all the copyright, and legal requirements.

Requirements For Essay

  • Only one essay may be submitted by each applicant(s).
  • The essay should be between three hundred to five hundred (300 – 500) words.
  • The essay should not have been published earlier, neither in print nor electronically.
  • Individuals should own the original pieces of the work (essay).
  • Essay must be written only in English Language.
  • Essay must be submitted in word format, and typed in 1.5 spaced (12-point) Times New Roman.
  • A brief summary must also be included in submission.


The entries submitted by applicants will be judge by the jury who will select winners. Decisions of the jury are final, and binding in all respects and not subject to appeal. Entries which are submitted will be evaluated according to the following criteria;

  • Execution quality.
  • Creativity of expression and originality.

To start the application process, you are to visit https://ramadancontest.icyforum.org/apply/

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