Top 10 High Paying Dubai Jobs to Consider

Workers in Dubai are among the highest paid in the world. Many individuals have amassed millions of dollars by pursuing ten amazing high-paying jobs in Dubai.

Dubai is a country worth visiting, renowned for its well-organized infrastructure and luxurious amenities that attract numerous foreigners.

Today, Dubai stands as one of the most prominent cities globally, thanks to its remarkable architecture and human ingenuity. From cutting-edge hotels to vast shopping malls, pristine beaches, iconic infrastructure, and thrilling safaris, Dubai offers a wealth of experiences.

Furthermore, the city boasts luxurious accommodations, exquisite cuisine, and a shopper’s paradise, featuring everything from traditional marketplaces to high-fashion malls.

Is Dubai a good place to work?

Yes, unlike other countries where one must toil the whole day under the sun and in the rain without getting good pay, especially in Africa.

Working in Dubai is a great privilege for those who are given the opportunity. The city, as one of the most developed countries in the world, has developed a sustainable culture, entrepreneurship, economic influence, and, most importantly, a quality of life that will enable an individual to live well.

Can foreigners work in Dubai?

The answer is yes, because Dubai is an open ended home that accommodates only those who can keep up with the standards of the city. However, you will need a work permit to work in Dubai, though eligibility for working in Dubai is covered in your visa and work permit sections.

Benefits of working in Dubai

Below are some of the benefits you will gain while working in Dubai:

  • Health insurance: You will be covered for medical, physiotherapy, and upgraded hospital care as a Dubai employee
  • A program for employee assistance
  • Vision care
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Additional vacations
  • Paid sick days

Is it difficult to find a job in Dubai?

No, but it is difficult for immigrants who are just coming into the city as a result of their lack of Dubai working experience.

The city on its own is full of competitive businesses, along with business opportunities that can pay you well. Apart from that, there is always a way to get your dream job in Dubai, and once it is done, you will be paid more, that will change your life.

List of Top 10 High Paying Jobs in Dubai

Below are the high paying Dubai jobs:

1. Accounting / finance

This begins with the chief financial officer, who is a trusted strategy advisor to the organization and is ranked higher as a result, with a salary ranging from Dh550000 to Dh90,000 monthly.

As a chief financial officer, you are responsible for the decisions of the organization’s profit, investment, finance, accounting, and delivery shareholders. In addition, you should have a strong desire to work.

And as for qualifications, the chief financial officer’s qualifications include knowledge of economics and accounting, and having full experience of managing and handling the daily run of the organization in terms of its monetary aspect.

2. Teaching

Teaching jobs in Dubai don’t have a stable price or salary, meaning that it varies from where you are teaching, starting from the basic subject you are able to teach. Once discovered, such an individual will be placed in schools, colleges, and universities with a salary allocated to it. And we’ll give preference to those with Master’s or PhDs.

3. Doctor

A doctor who wants to work in Dubai is expected to have graduated from a well-known university in the world. The other aspect is the requirements for educational consultants and training that will enable you to earn a lot. However, the training requirements to become a consultant are a minimum of eight to ten years, which is normally done with a PhD or doctorate holder. The average monthly
pay, including allowance, is about Dh73,460.

4. Chief marketing officer

As a chief marketing officer, you are accountable for setting up strategies to market the brand of the organization and managing the marketing aspect of the organization as much as is required of you.

Well, due to the expectations from the organization, the marketing officer is the highest paid in Dubai, with a minimum qualification of a degree in marketing and experience in managing a firm.
Average monthly pay, including allowance, is Dh95,000. Salary ranges between Dh80,000 and Dh90,000.

5. Engineering

The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing skills are among the high paying dubai jobs. A candidate for this should have about 20 years of experience in MEP, being mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, while trying to work as an engineer, starting with a mechanical engineer, and working up to its completion. The average monthly salary is Dh62,000, with salaries ranging from Dh40,000 to Dh68,000.

6. Banking

Those in higher positions, starting from the bank manager and all those who work as bankers, are paid based on rank. As a manager for corporate banking, retail banking, branch network, alternative channel, asset and reliability.

They make decisions that will help the bank grow through strategies employed at the long term loan level, potential investment, all together with other senior staff to build the profile of the bank. However, their average monthly salary is Dh70,000. The range of salaries is from Dh63,750 to Dh77,50 per month.

7. IT manager

This person should have ten to twelve years of experience in the IT field. Along with knowledge of the most recent technology used to improve the organization, their responsibility is to coordinate the establishment of the information technology department, as well as the testing and support of business solutions. Dh 60,000 per month is the average monthly salary. The salary ranges from Dh 50,000 to Dh 80,000.

8. Merchandiser

Another aspect that requires the greatest insight is that the person holding this position will be up to date with the latest industry trends and possess enough insights into the potential upturns in the customer market. The salary ranges from Dh36,500 to Dh52,000.

9. Human resource management

As this part is important in Dubai, they earn high. They can be specialists focusing on recruiting, training, employee relations, benefits, and management of people within organizations, focusing on policies and systems.

Qualifications for this are based on your experience and other required academic performance and results as you focus on implementing policies and procedures. Salary payments are not well known but depend on agreement from the organization.

10. Pilots

As we all know, the world generally lacks professional pilots, and their demand has drawn other benefits aside from salary, which include free housing, utilities, school fees, and provident fund investment. A number of exams and training, on top of a license, need to be completed. Commercial pilots require a license that meets the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and must pass a medical fitness exam. while salaries range from Dh30,000 to Dh75,000. Even with a monthly salary of Dh52,500.

Source: Nyscinfo

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