HOLY NWEJE: The true Story of an Igbo Saint

Have you ever called someone ‘Holy Nweje’ or someone called you by the name? Do you know it is actually someone’s name?

Hezekiah Okoro Nweje was born at his home town, Onitsha Anambra State in 1919. He died as an Anglican priest in 1962. He was called HOLY NWEJE because of his extreme righteousness in words and actions.

Holy nweje
Hezekiah Okoro Nweje

Very humble and a humanitarian per excellence. Whatever the church he pastored gave him as a gift must be shared with poor and less privileged.

When he was nominated as the Anglican Bishop of the Niger, he declined and nominated someone that he believed was more qualified.

He believed that wealth was sharing what you have with others without hoarding it. NWEJE lane at Onitsha was a street name to immortalize the saint called HOLY NWEJE.

When next an Igbo person calls you HOLY NWEJE, don’t see the name as an insult instead rejoice because you’re one in a million..

Source: Nyscinfo

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