Housekeeping Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now!

If you’re interested in a housekeeping job in the United States and are looking for visa sponsorship, you’ve come to the right place. This article provides all the information you need on Housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship.

It is a great opportunity for individuals who want to work as housekeepers and also secure a free visa to USA. Many people have successfully immigrated to the United States with little to no expense by taking advantage of this option.

Finding a job in the US is relatively easy, but having proper documentation and qualifications can make the process even smoother. Employers generally prefer experienced candidates, so it’s essential to align your skills and qualifications with the job requirements.

As a foreigner looking to work in the United States, obtaining a work visa can be challenging. However, you can simplify the process by seeking visa sponsorship from your potential employer. This is a straightforward way to secure both a job and a visa.

A housekeeper is responsible for supervising house cleaning staff and performing various light cleaning duties to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of private households or commercial establishments like hotels and hospitals.

Housekeeping jobs involve tasks such as making beds, replenishing linens, cleaning rooms and halls, and vacuuming.

Salary of a Housekeeper in USA

The salary for housekeepers in the USA can vary depending on factors like experience, location, and the type of employer. The median hourly wage ranges from $15 to $16, with an annual salary between $31,200 and $33,280. However, actual salaries may be higher or lower based on individual circumstances.

Types of housekeeping jobs in the United States

There are several types of housekeeping jobs in the United States that offer visa sponsorship. These include cleaners, live-in housekeepers, live-out housekeepers, house managers/housekeepers, and housekeeper cleaning companies.


Cleaners are primarily involved in basic cleaning services, often in commercial cleaning areas or for end-of-tenancy cleans. The average salary for a cleaner in the USA is around $15 per hour and $31,200 per year.

Live-in housekeepers

Live-in housekeepers are popular and can work full-time or part-time while being provided accommodation. They are paid approximately $12.34 to $16.21 per hour and $30,000 to $39,221 per year.

House managers

House managers or housekeepers are multitaskers who provide house management support along with typical housekeeping duties. Their average salary ranges from $13.21 to $16.31 per hour and $37,357 to $40,000 per year.

Live-out housekeepers

Live-out housekeepers work full-time or part-time, focusing on cleaning, tidying, and wardrobe management duties. They earn an average salary of $19.12 to $20.22 per hour and $22,162 to $27,540 per year.

Other housekeeping roles include housekeeping house attendants, room attendants, full-time housekeeping/floor stripping/waxing, environmental services technicians, and lead housekeepers. Each position has its own salary range and responsibilities.

If you’re seeking higher-paying housekeeping jobs in USA, there are several cities in the United States where you can find such opportunities.

These include New York, NY; Chicago, IL; Baltimore, MD; Philadelphia, PA; Las Vegas, NV; and Milwaukee, WI. Salaries in these cities can vary, but they generally offer higher wages compared to other locations.

When applying for housekeeping jobs in the USA, your years of experience will be considered. Salaries increase with experience, ranging from $12 to $13 per hour for those with less than one year of experience to $16.32 per hour for individuals with over 10 years of experience.

To succeed as a housekeeper, it’s important to have certain skills and qualifications. These may include availability to work flexible hours, attention to detail, interpersonal and communication skills, basic math and computer skills, responsibility, and reliability. Familiarity with cleaning chemicals, material safety data sheets, and the ability to work well in a team are also beneficial.

Housekeepers have various duties and responsibilities, including cleaning designated facilities, performing minor repairs, inspecting and maintaining properties, and restocking supplies. The specific tasks may vary depending on the setting.

Working as a housekeeper comes with numerous benefits, such as thorough cleaning, peace of mind, comfort, and a clean and happy environment.

How to Apply for housekeeping jobs in the USA

To apply for housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship, follow these steps:

  • Ensure you meet the job requirements.
  • Prepare a well-organized CV and application letter.
  • Utilize online platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed to search for suitable job opportunities.
  • Apply for jobs online and wait for a response from potential employers.
  • If selected, your employer will review the job description and negotiate the rate of pay.
  • The employer will then submit a labor condition application to the Department of Labor for certification and petition the US embassy for a visa.
  • Once the above steps are completed, you’ll be instructed to apply for a visa at an embassy in your home country.

For housekeepers seeking an H1B work visa, it’s crucial to follow specific steps, including creating an impressive CV and job application letter, searching for suitable jobs online, and going through the interview process.

If hired, your employer will review the job description, determine the rate of pay, and initiate the necessary petitions and applications. Housekeepers can work in various settings, including private homes, senior living facilities, apartment buildings, hotels, and office buildings. It’s essential to excel in your role to attract top clients.

Where to find housekeeping jobs in USA

If you’re looking for housekeeping jobs in the USA, websites like and are excellent resources to find available positions.

In summary, housekeeping jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship offer a fantastic opportunity for individuals looking to work as housekeepers while securing a free visa. By following the necessary steps and meeting the job requirements, you can increase your chances of success in this field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What states pay housekeepers the most?

A: Some of the highest-paid states for housekeepers in the USA include Alaska, Texas, New York, and North Dakota. The salaries can range from $35,931 to $55,324 per year.

Q: How much are housekeepers paid in the USA?

A: The median salary for maids and housekeepers in the USA is around $26,220 per year. However, the salary can vary, with the top 25% earning $31,320 or higher and the bottom 25% earning $22,230 or lower.

Q: Is a housekeeping job difficult?

A: Housekeeping is not inherently difficult, but it may depend on personal preference. It’s important to enjoy the work and have a positive attitude towards it to succeed in the role.

Q: Do US companies sponsor visas?

A: Yes, many US companies sponsor non-citizens by providing them with work visas, such as the H1B visa, especially when they face challenges in filling specific roles within their organizations.

Q: How can I succeed as a housekeeper?

A: To succeed as a housekeeper, it’s essential to be organized, have strong multitasking abilities, and maintain a positive and helpful attitude. It’s also crucial to develop good interpersonal skills and be comfortable working with people, especially the elderly.

Q: When should I ask for visa sponsorship?

A: The right time to ask for visa sponsorship may vary depending on the circumstances and the relationship you have built with your potential employer. If visa sponsorship is a crucial factor for you in accepting a job offer, it’s best to bring it up early in the hiring process or during the job offer stage.

Q: Is a housekeeping job a good job?

A: Yes, a housekeeping job can be a good career choice for many individuals. It offers both part-time and full-time opportunities, flexibility in scheduling, and the chance to earn money doing something you enjoy.

Q: Where can I find housekeeping jobs in the USA?

A: There are several online platforms where you can find housekeeping jobs in the USA, including popular websites like Indeed and LinkedIn. These platforms allow you to search for job openings and submit applications conveniently.

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