How Can I Correct Mistakes On Nasims Profile As Supplementary Applicant?

We’ve chosen to write this post to answer some of the questions that some of you who were recently shortlisted for the Npower Supplement list have been asking about how to repair problems on your Nasims profile. So keep reading!

Some of you claimed that your name was mistyped on Nasim’s dashboard and that you needed to change it, while others claimed that some of the documents you had submitted to your profile were missing.

So, based on the notification that appears on your verification status for those who have been chosen, you’ll know that the only option to make any changes to your Nasims dashboard right now is to contact the Nasims support staff.

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Nasims management advised that if you believe you missed any vital details throughout the application process, write an email to

You can contact the Npower Nasims call center agents or send an email to the email address above if you can’t log in to your Nasims profile account due to a forgotten password.

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Some of you have also expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of BVN Validity data on your profile. Please keep in mind that the BVN Validity issue on your profile is a common occurrence on applicant dashboards. If you become a beneficiary, you will be given the opportunity to amend any errors before being paid.

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Source: Nyscinfo

Updated: March 1, 2022 — 12:58 pm

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