How NYSC Members Can Get Professional Certification Package and Cash Loan 

If you are a Corps member who want to undergo studies or trainings for professional certification during your service year but do not know how to raise money to fund the training, be assured that you don’t need to fret over how to get money to pay for the training fees.

Don’t doubt this information because it is very real – you can apply and get a loan to settle your training fees and other personal bills and payback later.

What is Professional Certification Package?

The Professional Certification Package loan is an initiative of Credit Direct Limited in conjunction with credible professional certification centres to offer loans to serving corps members for training and certification. This loan is given via refundable vouchers that can only be used at the training venues of ETP allies.

What is the PCP Loan Amount?

The loan amount is N45,000.

What is Cash Loan?

The cash loan package, issued by the same organisation, is offered to corps members to assist them settle other personal needs. The maximum amount accessible is N45,000, disbursed upon loan application approval.

How do I get the loan?

If you want to apply for this loan, visit to register on ETC website. Upon successful application, your loan amount will be disbursed into your NYSC bank account within 24hrs.

What are the requirements for this loan?

  • Must be a serving corps member.
  • Valid NYSC bank account number.
  • Same email address and phone number used for NYSC registration.
  • Must be registered on the ETC platform.
  • Must have registered for SAED at the state of deployment.

What are the collateral for the loan?

  • Valid NYSC ID Card.
  • Date and signed the letter of undertaking by you.
  • Clear passport photo.
  • PPA posting letter.
  • Your full photo in NYSC kits.
  • Picture of NYSC bank account valid ATM Card.
  • Attestation form issued by SAED: this applies if you are seeking a loan of N46,000 upward, under the Business starter package.

How do I pay back the loan?

Paying back this loan is very easy and can be done through the following platforms:

  • Quickteller
  • Banks’ ATM spots, via PayDirect (just search for it on the ATM)
  • Credit Direct Limited offices’ POS


By now, we believe that you have gathered all the information you need to make your service year not just comfortable but successful for yourself. Please, always share our contents with your social media accounts so others can read and benefit.

Source: Nyscinfo

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