How To Apply For 2021 Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC)

Are you an entrepreneur or had a long term dream of becoming one? Do you intend creating a new business firm but lack the resources/funds to set it up? If ‘yes’ then a golden opportunity is before you, which is known as EWC. All that is required from you is to show interest by signing up for the competition.

Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC), is a one of a kind initiative that is being introduced to accommodate everyone who in one way or the other into entrepreneurial pursuit, either as a startup or an already established business personnel.

No matter the stage the individual is (either as a dreamer, a startup, or a grounded entrepreneur) the EWC which is more than a pitch competition, is there to push you towards the right pathway, i.e ensure you take the accurate steps that will pivot you in achieving the necessary goals.

Those that will eventually sign up for the EWC course will definitely achieve remarkable knowledge regarding entrepreneurship, capital to actualize their dream firm, and also the required networking to keep soaring high in the chosen field.

Just for showing interest in the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC), the sum of ten thousand U.S Dollars ($10,000) and free on demand training will be administered. Then, an opportunity to win fifty thousand U.S Dollars ($50,000) will be made opened to all applicants, in addition to a splendid offer in meeting both local and international high class investors in selected fields.


The startups that will be at the top rank in the competition will be privileged to go home with One million U.S Dollars ($1,000,000) cash prize. While in kind, receive services and other packages worth over Seventy million U.S Dollars ($70,000,000).


The criteria required to be part of EWC are as follows;

  1. Must be registered as an applicant or about to register in the country of resident.

  2. Anyone from any part of the world can apply (especially startups).

  3. Applicants business/company must be less than 7 years of age.

  4. The 2021 edition will not accept winners from previous editions as applicants.

  5. Those connected to the organizers and its affiliates are not eligible to apply.

  6. Applicants are mandated not to pay any fee to be a participant(s)

How to Apply For 2021 Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC)

Those who wishes to benefit from the EWC, and are qualified to participate should proceed with the application process by visiting the portal meant for application

Should in case of complaints or further enquiry you can click here so as to visit the EWC rules and regulations page, and get your questions answered.

Source: Nyscinfo

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