7 Ways A Woman Can Run Her Career And Family Effectively

Gone are those days when women are being limited to be just a housewife, or restricted to venture into some forms of Jobs/businesses.

Since most ladies are educated, there is a greater chance for them to venture into their career fully, but sometimes marriage and other factors that come with it always make them pull out, especially when their spouse isn’t in support.

Based on statistics presented by World Bank in the year 2019 regarding the labour force (manpower) in Nigeria, 55.06% were men while 44.94% are women. This simply shows that there is an improvement in terms of the number of women working in the country compare to previous years/decades, of which the majority of these women are married.

Being married and working, come with challenges which if not properly checked can cause severe problem both at place of work and home. The ability to balance work and family life becomes a concern, which prompted this very post.

You find out that most husbands will stop their wives from working because the children needs proper parental care, while some will encourage their wives to keep working as they believe their wives can support the family financial once they may pursue their profession, and improve career-wise.

Even though most women still quit their jobs after being encouraged by their husbands to push forward, because of inability to balance the whole thing (Both professional career and family). There are others who still discovered a way out to put things in equilibrium, such ladies are Ebelechukwu Nwachukwu, Ibukun Awosika, Oby Ezekwesili, Toyin Sanni, etc.

These ladies on several occasions had advised ladies, and gave them insight on how to balance the strike.

One of such advice given is that it is better for them (ladies) to pursue their career early before marriage approaches, so as to create a pace, then stay focused on the very career. This advice was given by the CEO of NSIA Insurance Company Ltd. Ebelechukwu Nwachukwu.

While the Chairman of First bank, Ibukun Awosika suggest that the first step a lady should look into is what she thinks is really important to her, then measure the percentage of attention you give to her work and family, in order not to crumble them all.

For those with less experience, you can apply the following seven (7) options, once you wish to balance both your professional career and family life at the same time;

1. Having a supportive partner

One major key in balancing your professional career and family is to get married to a supportive spouse. As long as your spouse supports you morally, emotionally, financially, and otherwise, there is greater possibility for that lady to reach the highest level of her career. Especially when the spouse help in taking care of the family by carrying out major responsibility meant for the woman.

This, however, should not be misused by women, as they still need to respect their husbands decisions and be submissive at all times in order not to jeopardize the whole thing in the long run.

2. Time Management and Planning

There is a saying that “Failure to plan has made one planned to fail”. This therefore means that planning is a compulsory thing in life, as long as you want to succeed in your endeavors.
Once a lady really wants to balance her career and family and come out with a positive result, there must be proper timing and good planning.
The time management and planning can entail the following;

a. Due dates of bills.

b. Dates of family/school events.

c. Birthdays.

d. Extracurricular activities, etc.

Once these things are put in place by wives who tend to balance their career and family life, it will be difficult for an event/program to take them unaware. Which therefore means that they can manage the whole thing and even more without sliding, as long as they following their laid down plans and timing diligently.

3. Being Focus and Work Hard

There is a stage in every business/work firm where a staff will be given with less duties. This can be achieved with dedication and hard work, as only those two factors can make one attain a higher level/office in their place of work.

So, once you multitask yourself as a young lady and attain a bigger portfolio, you will be assigned lesser obligations later on which will enable you have time to meet up with your family duties and that of your work.

Also, meeting up with major expectations warrant you to put certain things aside, such as irrelevant browsing/surfing of net, time wasting on less important activities, gossiping, idleness, etc.

4. A good Nanny/House help

Most women who eventually balanced their profession and family life do have someone that helps take care of the family on their behalf. In most cases, a family member comes around to help or they pay for the service of a good Nanny/House help.

To avoid generating problem for you and your family, you should do a proper background check on the person you intend to employ as a Nanny/House help. In most cases, those with experience on how to care for children, clean house, cook properly, do excellent laundry etc. are to be employed.

Additionally, don’t let your house help sees his/herself as a confirmation slave. Try to show them love, and appreciate their efforts so they can reciprocate by doing more, and take good care of your home while you are away.

5. Locate a Nice Creche For You Kids

For those who don’t buy the idea of hiring house help, they can locate a nice creche for their toddler which will definitely give them time to meet up with their career obligations.
Ensure you observe the efficiency of the school creche you are enrolling your kids into, as kids are not to be left uncared for, like most creche will do if not monitored.

There is lots of less expensive creche that can give maximum care to your kids, the only issue is that you still need to schedule yourself in a way that you can meet up with the school runs (dropping and picking the kids).

6. Create Family Time

No matter how you try to satisfy your career or tend to meet up with career goals, there must also be sufficient time for your family.
Creating time for the family during the week and weekend is paramount, as it will help create an excellent bond among family members.

The children will be pleased to go out with parents to see a movie or play in an amusement park.
While having special moment with your kids, ensure you don’t get distracted because of work, or talk to their hearing about your work and what you must meet up with. All you ought to do is to be part of their activities by asking them questions, joining their games, etc.

7. Further Through online courses

For one to attain a greater height in their career, there must be an educational upgrade. This is the only way promotion can come regularly, as your degree/certificate will determine your capacity, and obligations you can take charge of.

Once a lady is married and at the same time working, it will be difficult to further their education because of the burdens before them. The only means to achieve more educational qualification, be it professional courses, Masters, or PhD, is taking an online course.

There are varieties of institutions that offer online courses, so it’ll be better for a lady who wishes to balance her career and family at the same time to go for such option in acquiring extra qualifications.

With the above options, it can be concluded that any lady who is determined can actually balance her career and that of her family with little issue, as long as she is focused, has a good plan, and understand consequences that comes with parenthood alongside profession.
Never welcome a divided attention while trying to balance the strike, unless you want to fail in the quest.

Source: Nyscinfo.com

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