Fidelity Bank Eduloan For Private Schools

Are you a registered private school owner seeking a loan to improve your school to make it attractive for parents and guidance to bring their children and wards for learning? Are you aware that you can get the Fidelity Bank’s Eduloan? Read this article to the end if your answer to the questions is yes.

This article is about how you can apply and get Fidelity Bank Plc Eduloan. The Eduloan was launched last week by the management of Fidelity Bank and we were the first that broke the news on this website before other people copied us. Well, copying us doesn’t matter as long we are the first, and as long as you get the right information first, before any other person.

We have already written an article which we used to do a breakdown of steps to follow to apply for the Development Finance Loan. We also showed you the requirements for getting the loan. If you missed that article, please ensure you locate it on this website, because it is very revealing and well explained for easy understanding.

What is Fidelity Bank Eduloan?

The Fidelity Eduloan was started to offer working capital and asset expansion finance to standard and well-structured private schools that are officially registered by the State Ministries or Federal Ministry of Education and, operates current account with Fidelity Bank.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Eduloan?

• Be a registered private school.

• Have operated for 3 years.

• Must standardize and structured.

• Be Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary.

• You must have a current account with Fidelity Bank.

What is the Single Obligator Limit?

The short-term loan gives a working capital finance of N30,000,000 (Thirty Million Naira) and an asset/expansion/lease finance of N150,000,000 (One Hundred & Fifty Million Naira).


There are series of simple security terms for the loan. You can find these on the website as you proceed to submit your application.

Documents Required for Fidelity Bank Eduloan

• Loan request letter from the customer (must be on a letter head).

• A valid ID Card for directors.

• Statement of account.

• Domiciliation letter.

• Receipt for asset and rent bill.

• Other documents as might be needed.

How to Apply for Fidelity Bank Eduloan

Good! If you want to apply for the Eduloan, visit the Fidelity Bank official website at to fill the interest form. This form is readily provided at the bottom of the page.

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