How to Apply for African Data Science Intensive (DSI) Program 2022 for African Students

If you are a data scientist of African origin and you want to further your career in Data Science through a scholarship program, you will find this post not only interesting but helpful as you journey with us through the reading of the information shared in this article. Make sure you pay attention as you read along because this post contains the details you need to stand a chance of winning a fully funded scholarship for the 2022 African Data Science Intensive (DSI) Program.

The management of Africa Data Science has announced the commencement of process for the award of African Data Science Intensive (DSI) scholarship 2022 for African Students. African Data Science Intensive (DSI) therefore invites applications from suitable and qualified citizens from all African countries to participate in the 2022 edition of the scholarship program. African Data Science Intensive (DSI) Program is a hands-on skills training data science course based on providing solution to real-world problems.

Before we go further into more details, it is highly important to have this at the back of your mind as you read further – the deadline for submission of application for the African Data Science Intensive (DSI) Program is 30th September 2021.

The Award in Brief

As data becomes the new gold for big corporations and business in this era of technology, where the availability of data helps companies to meet the needs of their targets, there is a great shortage of skilled data scientists and managers all over the world and it is even worse in Africa. This program was designed to address this issue by training Africans on topics like machine learning and data storytelling.

Eligibility Requirement

To be eligible, you must have any of the following degrees: Honours, Master’s Ph.D. in Science, Engineering or Mathematics or related field.

Award Value

The scholarship is fully funded

Award Benefits

  • Exposure to latest algorithms and techniques in data science.
  • The opportunity to work with a team for the entire duration of the training
    Emphasis on real-world skills, as well as management of data science projects.
  • The opportunity to become a problem solver in the African Data Science field.

Duration of Award

January – May 2022. The exact dates will be communicated to you if you are selected as one of the beneficiaries.

How to Apply for African Data Science Intensive (DSI) Program

To apply for this scholarship, visit to submit your application. Ensure that you read through all the requirements in the Award Page before you apply.

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