How To Apply For Delta State Rural Youth Skill Acquisition (RYSA)

The Youths of Delta State are being considered by the State Government, who deemed it important to assist the youths in acquiring skills. The designated program through which Deltans will be groomed on some selected skills is the Rural Youth Skill Acquisition (RYSA) program/2021.How To Apply For Delta State Rural Youth Skill Acquisition (RYSA)

Youths living in the rural areas of the state, especially the semi-literate and non-literate indigenes are the major target, as they will be trained with fundamental business skills which will in turn fetch them money to earn a living, and promote the local economy of all twenty-five (25) LGAs in Delta State.

There will be two (2) basic aspect/components of the RYSA Program, which are;

1. The Practical/Hands-on training

Under this component, youths who must have gained a particular skill will be opportune to be trained on that very skill by professionals (Masters in the field). This will definitely increase their knowledge and practical skills needed for them to succeed in their ventures. The trainers will be assigned to the various communities/LGAs in the State.

2. Community Business School (CBS) training

Every Deltan Youth that will be opportune to benefit from the RYSA program (beneficiaries), must partake in the CBS training. This training will be held just once in a week, for the two months that the program will last.
The reason for this very component is to ensure that the lucky prospective beneficiaries are equipped with business skills, which is paramount in life and business in particular.

List of enterprises/bentures youths will be trained on


How To Apply For Delta State Rural Youth Skill Acquisition (RYSA)

Course Outline For CBS Training

The course outline beneficiaries will be engaged on is as follows;

– Intro to Business.

– Customers Relation/Relationship.

– Book keeping.

– Marketing in business.

– Community Service & Voluntary services.

– Networking in business.


The criteria that must be met by applicants for selection are;

– Must be between eighteen (18) to twenty-nine (29) years of age.

– Hail from Delta State and lives in his/her LGA of origin.

– Have got First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC).

– Must have been trained previously on any of the listed enterprises/ventures, and have interest in the RYSA program.

– Be willing to learn new skills in the chosen area, which will help grow his/her personal venture after the training course.

How To Apply For Delta State Rural Youth Skill Acquisition (RYSA)

– Applicants are to visit the Ministry of Youth Development in the various LGAs to get the application form.

– Fill the application form which must be collected IN PERSON within the stipulated timeframe, and submit at point of collection.

– Appear for a one on one oral interview once shortlisted.

– Fill and submit Guarantors form.

– Abide by the RYSA program rules set by the Ministry in-charge.

Program Administration

  1. Eligibility will be based on the pass mark of applicant(s) in the proficiency test.

  2. Before presentation of startup packs, all beneficiaries must successfully complete the CBS training.

  3. Before Beneficiaries will be awarded with the certificate of participation, they must have completed both the CBS and Proficiency test.

  4. The Directorate for Youth Monitoring and Mentoring (DYMM) processes must be adhered to by beneficiaries during the program.

Start-up Packs

The start-up packs for the RYSA program are;

  • Work tools.
  • Seed grants.

The work tools are equipments that will be given to beneficiaries at the end of the training, which will be used to start up their own enterprise. While the seed grant supports their ventures as new employers of manpower.

For further enquiry, applicants can visit the webpage of RYSA via

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