How To Apply For Fidelity Bank Private Medical Support Scheme

This post is about Fidelity Bank private medical support scheme, an extremely important subject to discuss in Nigeria. For the importance of this subject to our healthy living, we advise you to take the reading of this article seriously.

One of the things the people of Nigeria lament consistently is the lack of medical support scheme for the citizens. It is almost like, if you are sick in this country and you can’t afford to foot your medical bills, you are as good as dead.

Yes, it is that bad and we are not trying to frighten you. Whether or not you like it, the truth remains that; the importance having a private health scheme cannot be overemphasized. I

n fact, if you decide to dig deeper on this subject of health security, you might feel that we are exaggerating the situation. Despite this ugly situation, there is light, and it is being provided by Fidelity Bank through its private medical support scheme.

What is Fidelity Private Medical Support Scheme?

The Fidelity Private Medical Support Scheme (FPMEDSS) is an MSME targeted loan created to offer financing support to qualified private hospitals in order to help them buy required drugs and equipment.

What is the Eligibility for the Loan?

• You must be in a private hospital,

• Hospital must be owned by certified medical practitioners,

• You must be registered with Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN),

• You must be a member of the Nigerian Guild of Medical Directors or the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN)

Single Obligor Limit

• Drugs – N3,000,000

• Equipment – N10,000,000


• Drugs – 6 months

• Equipment – 48 months


There are series of simple security terms for the loan. You can find these on the website as you proceed to submit your application.

What are the Documentation Requirement?

• Customer request letter

• GMD or AGPMPN screening and recommendation letter.

• 1 passport photograph

• A valid ID Card

• Valid Practicing License by MDCN

• List of company asset on company’s letter head (no value needed)

• Proof of filing current Annual Returns

• Statement of account

• List of vendors and their account numbers

• Proforma receipts for drugs or items purchased

Okay! You can visit the Fidelity Bank Branch to apply. And for more information, visit the official website at

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