What Android 9 & 10 Users Should Know About Their Phones

As the speed of technological advancements continues to increase in mobile phones, many important and exciting features of these modern phones are almost going unnoticed by the original products. Incorporating technology advances has made phones more portable, lighter, speedy, and user-friendly.

These features have improved the value and efficacy of the phones to the owners. Meanwhile, not all phone users are aware of these advanced features. Hence our decision to write this article to show android 9 and 10 users the latest features integrated into their phones.

1. Dark Theme

If you own and use an android 9 or 10 device, it means that you will be able to customize your theme. This customization means that you can change the background color of your phone’s screen which always comes in white, to a dark background. The good thing about the dark theme is that it protects your eyes from excessive exposure to the brightness of the white theme. To change to the dark theme, go to Settings on your phone, tap on Display, then turn on the Dark theme and it will change to a dark background.

2. Gesture Navigation

With the android 9 and 10 phones, you can use the gesture navigation feature to customize the navigation bar to three different types. To do this, go to Settings, scroll down and tap System. Tap on Gesture and customize it to your taste.

3. Wi-Fi QR Code

With the QR code feature on android 9 and 10, you can share and see the Wi-Fi passwords of any device connected to your phone. To activate this, just go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and you will see the option to turn on the QR code.

4. Adaptive Battery Brightness

On the android 9 and 10, the adaptive battery feature lets your phone learn about apps and services that you use more frequently, then adjust the apps you seldom used to consume less battery power.

5. Undo App Removal

If you unintentionally remove an app with which you are working on the screen, the new android 9 and 10 feature allow you some seconds to undo the removal of the app. Just tap on the undo that will display on your screen for a few seconds and the app will be restored.

Okay! That is what you should know about the new feature on your android 9 and 10 smartphones. If you have questions, you can drop them on the comment section.

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