How To Apply For Jobs In Dubai From Nigeria

Having a good job is the number one dream of every human, especially when you are opportune to work in a foreign country. But, one thing for sure is that leaving your country to source for a good job abroad is expensive, especially when you don’t know how to go about it. Here we will show you how to apply for jobs in Dubai from Nigeria.

How To Apply For Jobs In Dubai From NigeriaTalking about Dubai which is the United Arab Emirates (UAE), going over and staying there is a huge cost for foreigners (Nigerians to be precise), mostly when you got no confirm job that fetches you money.

Although it’s a very good idea to hunt for job oversees, but sometimes we need to consider the disadvantages and not only the advantages. In other words we ought to be meticulous.

It should be a point of note that, all employers considers your qualifications, type of job you are sourcing for, and where you obtained the educational qualification you claim to posses, as they consider Western education compare to that of African University.

How to Apply for Jobs in Dubai from Nigeria

Below are two ways one can secure a good job in Dubai;

1. Searching for the job physically

This simply means you had to travel down to Dubai, and search for the job within the time frame of your visitation approved in your Passport. A visiting Visa will cost about thirty-three thousand naira (N33,000) to forty-four thousand naira (N44,000). The amount depends on how long you will want to stay and search for jobs.

2. Searching for the job from Nigeria

This is actually the best way, compare to the first which involve travelling down to UAE.
There are recruiters/employers who can be found online (internet), especially when the demand for manpower (work force) is at the high.

Most at times, firms in any of the Middle East nation do send recruiters to various countries to search for specific skills and services.

Some of the websites where you can search for a job recruitment are;

  •, etc.

After getting a more preferred opening(s), you can apply immediately and once you are qualified for the position opted for, they will give you a response telling you what next to do.

One of the needed documents that will be given to you, is the employment letter. The Employment letter is needed at the embassy before allowing you to fly out of Nigeria.

Before thinking of travelling, you must ensure that the firm (company) that employed you is legit. This can be confirm by visiting which is owned by Dubai Department of Economic Development.

Application for Dubai Employment Visa

One of the reason why most Nigerians don’t secure jobs abroad is because of the expenses that will be on the firm. This makes it difficult for foreigners (Africans in particular) to get a job there, as they (companies) most of the times prefer someone who already lives there.

But once they find you capable, and offer you the job, they’ll start preparing your employment Visa to enable you move over, and starts your new job.

So, endeavor you provide accurate information to the employer, as those details will be used while processing the Visa.

Once all the processes has been completed, you will be called by the embassy.

Getting there, you will need to have a ‘work card’ as well. Having this won’t be that stressful though, but you will need the following;

A. Health Card: The health card entails your medical record, such as X-ray result, HIV status, Hepatitis, tuberculosis, any any other severe infection/sickness.

To posses this very card, you will be required to submit;

i. Results of the above mentioned tests result.

ii. Your passport (about two copies).

iii. Passport photograph of yourself.

iv. Both employment visa application, and contract verification.

Once you are cleared by this department, your job has been secured. Because anything aside a positive result, will make you loss the job.

B. Labour Card: This card is given by the ministry of labour over there in Dubai. And the following must be submitted to them;

i. Contract document (three copies).

ii. Passport photograph.

iii. Health card (Medical record).

iv. Visa (passport).

v. Employer’s license.

C. Residence Visa: This is the third compulsory document that is needed to secure a “work card” in Dubai.

All you that is required, before having residence Visa are;

i. Passport (Original).

ii. Entry permit (Original).

iii. Health Card/Medical record (Original)

iv. Passport photograph (two copies).

v. Labour card.

Note: Desperation can make those who are so eager to secure a job fall into the hands of scammers, so be mindful, and verify any job offer before spending if at all. Because, most recruiters/employers online are fraudsters using a business page to lure their clients.

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