How To Apply For NSCIP Initiative 2021/2022 In Nigeria

The National Product Supply Chain Management Program (NSCIP) initiative for 2021/2022 applicantion portal has been opened to receive applicantion from suitable candidates. Here you will learn how to apply for NSCIP initiative in Nigeria.

There are many government programs and initiatives that a lot of Nigerians don’t know about. And that is because people have become too concentrated on NPOWER, NYIF and other government interventions that they completely forget there are many other programs that they can take part in and then get a lot of benefits.

As they saying goes, a good fisherman doesn’t cast his net only to one portion of the river consistently. He needs to widen his area of fishing in other to catch more.

In this article, we will tell you about one of the government initiatives that seems to been going unnoticed by the general public. As is our norm, we dig deep on a daily basis to ensure you are served the best information, first hand, before others can copy from us and share later. Always endeavor to read our articles to the end to get maximum benefits.

That been said, the National Product Supply Chain Management Program (NSCIP) is inviting application from volunteers in Nigeria to help the government in building resilient, effective, and efficient health supply chain system in a sustainable manner.

Now, what is National Product Supply Chain Management Program (NSCIP)?

National Product Supply Chain Management Program (NSCIP) is a Nigerian government organization with instruction to improve Nigeria’s ability to design a resilient, effective, and efficient health supply chain system in a maintainable way.

What are the Objectives of NSCIP?

• To coordinate activities of health programmes with donors, partners, and NGOs to reduce stock-outs, expires, as well as other kinds of wastages.

• To collaborate with PSM Stakeholders, Health Programmes, Donors, and Implementing Partners etc. at different stages for organizational capacities and boosting ownership for sustainability .

• To strengthen the National storage and distribution of important medicines in Nigeria through helpful monitoring visits.

• To ensure that medical procurement activities does not breach the National Drug Policy and in line with Good Procurement Practices.

• To maintain a National Logistics Database of medicals and other health products in Nigeria in partnership with all health programmes.

• To monitor national storage of medicine and health products.

Note that the national PSM staff will be supported via local and international trainings, seminars, workshops, and meetings.

How to Apply for National Product Supply Chain Management Program (NSCIP)

If you want to apply for this volunteer program, we advised you to visit NSCIP official website at, to submit your application for a sign of your interest to be an NSCIP volunteer.

Source: Nyscinfo


  1. Good morning Sir my question is if I signed for volunteer is not aprofitable or is it a profitable system or it’s a loan or grant

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