How to Apply for Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP)

Following the recent renaming of N-Power by the Federal Government to the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP), numerous Nigerians have been reaching out to, inquiring, “how do we apply for the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme?” Therefore, this post is designed to provide you with the necessary updates on how to apply for the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP) to ensure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

In the meantime, the Federal Government has given assurance that N-Power beneficiaries will commence receiving their backlog of entitlements, starting in November.

Akindele Egbuwalo, the national programme manager of Hope Job Creation Programme, made this disclosure during a meeting with N-Power beneficiaries in Abuja. He also revealed that the payments will be made in installments, ensuring that beneficiaries receive their long-awaited stipends.

The official announcement of this exciting development was made in a statement by Jamaluddeen Kabir, the national communication manager of the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA). This statement confirmed the renaming of the N-Power programme to the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP).

According to the statement, the renaming and restructuring of the program were necessitated by a temporary suspension, allowing for a thorough forensic audit.

As a result of this audit, funds have been recovered from existing payment service providers, and a plan has been put in place to begin disbursing the 9-month outstanding stipends to beneficiaries from November 2023, with payments taking place in installments.

Akindele Egbuwalo also revealed the government’s commitment to expand the RHJCP, with a goal to absorb 5 million beneficiaries in the coming years.

He stated, “In line with the new agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the RHJCP will continue under the supervision of Dr. Betta Edu, the Honourable Minister, and is set to target 5 million beneficiaries in 5 years, with 1 million youths being absorbed annually, both from the graduate and non-graduate streams.”

How to Apply for Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP)

As many are eager to take advantage of this opportunity, it’s important to note that as of now, the application portal for the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP) has not been opened. We will provide you with the link to the RHJCP application portal and the procedures when the application portal is open. Please make sure to stay updated by visiting this website ( for the latest information on the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme.

The national programme manager, Akindele Egbuwalo, assured that they will inform the public when the portal becomes available for applications.

This news marks a positive turn of events for N-Power beneficiaries, as the government is working diligently to ensure that their long-overdue entitlements are paid. The transformation of N-Power into the RHJCP signifies the government’s commitment to job creation and empowerment, targeting millions of youths across Nigeria.

Stay tuned for updates on when the application portal for the RHJCP will be opened, and be prepared to seize this opportunity for renewed hope and job creation.

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