How to Apply for UNFPA Internship Program

All students can participate in the UNFPA Internship Program, which allows them to obtain hands-on experience with UNFPA activities. Its goal is to provide hands-on experience in diverse UNFPA programs to augment development-oriented studies.

Applicants should have expressed an interest in development as well as the ability to adapt to new conditions and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. Interns work in small groups where they are encouraged and held accountable.

They will also be supervised by a UNFPA employee who has been assigned to them.

UNFP Internship Programme Details

Teams wanting to integrate an intern into their work pick candidates for the internship program through a competitive process from the Internship Roster. The interns’ profiles are matched to the organization’s requirements.

Requirements for UNFP Internship Programme

Applicants to the UNFPA internship program must meet one of the following conditions at the time of application:

(a) Be enrolled in a postgraduate degree program (e.g., a master’s or higher degree program);

(b) Be in the last year of a first-year university degree program (such as a bachelor’s degree or equivalent);

(c) Have recently completed a university degree (as indicated in (a) and (b) above) and must begin the internship within one year of graduation if selected;

(d) Enroll in a postgraduate professional training program that includes an internship as part of the curriculum.

Students must be fluent in English, both written and spoken; fluency in another UN language is a plus.

Benefits of UNFP Internship Programme

UNFPA does not pay interns a salary or any other type of remuneration. The costs of an intern’s participation in the program must be covered either by the nominating institution, which may provide financial assistance to its students, or by the interns themselves, who will be responsible for their own living expenses as well as making their own arrangements for housing, travel, and other needs.

If they are not financially supported by any institution or program, such as a university, government, foundation, or scholarship program, they will get a stipend to help cover basic daily expenses linked to the internship.

The amount of the stipend varies according on the duty station. Applicants must also have medical insurance that covers them for the duration of the internship. Before the internship begins, proof of insurance must be provided. Interns are not covered by UNFPA’s medical insurance.

How to Apply for the UNFP Internship Programme

Applicants who are interested and qualified can apply using UNFP official webpage.

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