How To Bid For NGO Contracts In Nigeria

Getting information about the availability of NGO and international bodies’ contracts and bidding for them is not for the faint-hearted in Nigeria. It may be exhausting and brutally competitive, especially if you approach it incorrectly.  Nonetheless, the difficulties in obtaining these contracts should not be a deterrent, considering the abundance of alternatives with fewer bottlenecks available, particularly for NGO bids and international body contracts.

Several international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international entities, and foreign embassies in Nigeria seek contractors and providers of goods and services on a regular basis.

What To Do Before Looking For Contracts In Nigeria

One of the most important things to do before looking for contracts is to register your firm. This is due to the fact that unregistered person bidding is prohibited, particularly when seeking government contracts.

How To Position Yourself For International Tenders And NGO Contracts

Here are the things you need to know to easily access tenders and contracts from NGOs and big international agencies in Nigeria:

1. Create A Credible Profile Or Brand Name

The importance of branding and goodwill in a company cannot be overstated. It is critical that one’s history records are clean for any agency to reach out to you or even have a chance of winning contracts. It is crucial to highlight that money should not be prioritized when developing a name for one’s firm. Emerging entrepreneurs who lack the power or profile to command lucrative contracts can volunteer to labor for free or at a modest cost in order to establish a track record to which they can refer.

2. Stay Informed And Research Potential Organizations

Many people lack access to contracts and tenders as a result of what economists call “information asymmetry.” It is a huge slap in this day and technology to miss out on life-changing chances due to a lack of information. To fill this void, maintains a dedicated portal where we regularly publish bids and contracts from top NGOs and international organizations.

3. Send Requests For Proposals (RFPs)

There are numerous customer testimonials on how they were able to secure contracts from these firms. After researching the institutions, you send out numerous Requests For submissions (RFPs) and learn about the contract categories their submissions typically cover, among other things.

4. Explore The Internet

The function and importance of the internet in our digital age cannot be overstated. You may use it to determine which organizations have REPs and then call the majority of procurement departments.

5. Submit Contracts Bid

After receiving a Request For Proposal (REP), it is critical to properly research the various conditions to understand the basic requirements of each firm; failing to do so may result in disqualification. It is critical to underline that regardless of one’s ability in participation–whether as a principal contractor (large businesses) or a subcontractor (local independent contractors), one’s firm must be officially registered in the country.

Eligibility Requirements For Bidding In Nigeria

  • Proof of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Proof of updated Annual Returns;
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) for the last three (3) or
  • VAT Registration Certificate; and TIN Number (Tax Identification Number).
  • Signed Audited Account of the Bidding Company for the last three (3) years
  • Financial capability proof (Statement of Account or Turnover) and reference letter from a reputable bank.
  • A letter empowering the Authority or her representative(s) to do Due Diligence on all papers submitted by the company from any source, in order to certify their authenticity or otherwise.
  • Proof of partnership with OEM’s as regards equipment supply.

Other actions that must be taken to increase exposure and obtain additional contracts and tenders from NGOs and international agencies include:

  • Prepare Proposals

Prepare your proposals so that they are in line with the organization’s goals. Don’t forget to make your model feasible and believable during the presentation. You could experiment with the SMART technique.

  • Bid Defence

If you are invited, defend your bid.

  • Costing

Consider costs and make sure your bids are adequately calculated. It is critical to appropriately capture your overhead costs and profit margin. Execute the contract well if you want to be considered for future contracts.

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