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How To Browse Fast With A VPN

With the government banning Twitter in Nigeria, it is important you know how to browse the internet without being affected by the restrictions that will come into play, now, and for the future. This is very necessary because you cannot tell if other forms of internet censorship would be introduced in the future. In fact, more restrictions are likely to be introduced, covering other websites and social media platforms. To put you on a safe side, this article will teach you how you can browse fast with a VPN. Check 4 best VPN to bypass Twitter ban in Nigeria.

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Before we proceed to showing you how you can surf securely with a VPN, it is important you know the kinds of VPN out there.

Types of VPN


SSL VPN is a network guarded by username and password, used to call up the company’s login page. HTML-5 capable browsers are available for virtually any operating system.


A site-to-site VPN is basically a private network created to hide private intranets and allow users of these secure networks to access each other’s resources. Site-to-site VPN is mostly used in large companies and are most effective way to ensure communication within and between large departments.


Client-to-Server VPN is used by employees to dial into the company network from their home office via the secure connection, acting as if they were sitting in the office. Though a VPN client must first be installed and configured on the computer.

How to browse fast with a VPN

Follow these steps to set up your VPN and browse safely, without your exact location being detected:

  1. Once you are online, start your VPN. The VPN acts as a secure tunnel between you and the internet. Your ISP and other third parties cannot detect this tunnel.

  2. Your device is now on the local network of the VPN, and your IP address can be changed to an IP address provided by the VPN server.

  3. You can now surf the internet at will, as the VPN protects all your personal data.

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Kindly note that not all VPN are free for use. Although we can assure you that there are many VPNs out there that you can conveniently use without needing to pay any amount.

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