How to Change Phone Number & Re-register SIM Card

A Subscriber Identity Module, or SIM card, is a portable memory chip used by cell phones to store personal information such as cell phone numbers, your phone number, and other personal data. In this article, we will show you how to change phone number and re-register SIM card.

The bulk of cellular service providers use SIM cards. Contact your cell phone service provider’s customer care department to re-register a SIM card and change its associated phone number.

1st step

Make a note of the SIM card’s unique identifying number. This ID number can be obtained on the SIM card itself. When you take the SIM card out of the phone, you’ll see a string of numbers up to 16 digits long.

2nd Step

Contact your cell service provider’s customer support department. Tell the customer care agent that you’d like to re-register the SIM card and alter the phone number linked with it. The customer care person may enquire as to why this request was made. Explain why you’re canceling, such as if you’ve received too many erroneous phone calls or if you’ve relocated to a different state. It’s worth noting that re-registering the SIM card and changing the number may incur a price.

3rd Step

Provide the SIM card identifying number to the customer service representative. To re-register the card, you must tell the representative your name, address, and other identifying information after he has entered this information.

When the representative advises you to turn off your phone, do so and wait until the agent gives you permission to turn it back on. The agent will provide you with your new cell phone number as well as SIM card registration details.


Keep your cell phone switched off until you receive a new phone number. Communication between the cellular carrier and the SIM card can be disrupted by an active cell phone.


If the SIM card does not belong to you or you have not acquired authorization from the previous owner, do not request to re-register and alter the phone number.

What you’ll require

SIM card Number

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