How to Check Data Usage on iPhone

Where your data goes depends on how you use your iPhone. As cellphones become smarter, the amount of data they take from the Internet grows. Some apps on our phones, for example, consume a lot of data because they allow us to get instant updates on what our friends are up to no matter where we are or receive weather warnings while out and about.

Your data will be quickly consumed if you spend more time on the Internet streaming music or video. Fortunately, your iPhone includes a variety of choices to help you save mobile data, including the following:

Check the Total Cellular Data Usage on Your iPhone Over a Specific Time Period

Follow the procedures below to accomplish this;

  • Select Cellular/Mobile Data in the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down to the Mobile Data section. You should see the total cellular data consumption next to the Current Period. This section also shows how much data was consumed during the current roaming session.
  • On the iPhone, check the data usage of specific apps.

To see how much data your iPhone apps are using;

  • Go to Cellular/Mobile Data in the iPhone Settings app.
  • A comprehensive list of apps can be found by scrolling below. Just underneath that, you should be able to see how much data an app has used.
  • If you want to know how much data specific apps or text messages consume, this is quite useful.

Third-party Apps to Monitor Data Usage

If you’re unsatisfied with the built-in cellular data tracker or need a better tool, these third-party apps can help you monitor data usage in real time.

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