How to Check if your Institution is Accredited for NYSC

It’s important to check if your Institution and Course NYSC accreditation status. It is the first thing every Prospective Corps Members (PCM) should do before thinking of going for National Service. In this post, you will learn how to check if your Institution is accredited for NYSC.

Checking the accredited status of your Institution and course can be the easiest of all things to do as regards to going for service this year.

However, the NYSC management has made it possible for Prospective Corps members to easily check the accredited list online by following simple steps which I’m about to show you.

But before I show you the step by step process to check if your Institution and Course is accredited for NYSC, let me first take you through these important frequently asked questions about the accreditation of Institutions and Course.

Why is it necessary for me to check if my Institution and Course is accredited?

It is necessary to know and be sure whether your Institution is accredited or not, because there is a lot of Institutions out there that are not accredited or recently lose their accreditation.

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If any Institution is not accredited or has lose its accreditation; that means graduates from such Institution are not going to be allowed to take part in the National Youth Service exercise.

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What if my Institution is accredited but the course I studied is not accredited, will I still go for NYSC?

No! There are so many accredited Universities and Polytechnic out there but some of the Courses they offer have no accreditation or their accreditation might have been withdrawn by regulatory bodies.

Most often, when accreditation is withdrawn from certain Institutions that failed to meet the regulatory standard, that Institution would defiantly offer admissions to freshers.

For example; In the year 2011, UNIZIK accreditation to study Medicine & Surgery was withdrawn.

If, UNIZIK had offered admission in 2011 into medicine department, those set would not be eligible to serve since the University had no accreditation to offer new admission into Medicine department that year.

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How would I check if my Institution and Course  is accredited?

Actually, that is our main topic and purpose for creating this post, to show you how you can easily check if your Institution and Course is accredited for NYSC.

Now, we shall quickly show you how to check whether your Institution and Course is accredited or not.

How To Check If Your Institutions And Course Is Accredited For NYSC

Follow the following steps:

  • Go to the NYSC portal at
  • Scroll down, you will see “Accredited Institution/Programme”

How To Check If Your Institutions And Course Is Accredited For NYSC

  • Click on “Accredited Institutions/Programmes” link. A form will pop-up
  • In the first box, Click “Select” to select your Programme i.e, monotechnic, HND, Ist Degree.

How To Check If Your Institutions And Course Is Accredited For NYSC

  • In the second box, select your Institution
  • Click “Extract Course”.

The list of accredited courses in the chosen Institution will be displayed.

Keep scrolling down until you get your Course of study.

Updated: August 28, 2019 — 8:58 am

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