How To Confirm If Your Npower Validation Was Successful

Following Npower management’s orders to Npower recipients to confirm their accounts, the management has said that 55,245 beneficiaries have successfully received their failed three-month stipends via the validation link. Read the most recent update here. Npower compensated 55256 beneficiaries using the Validation Link.

However, we discovered that some Npower beneficiaries who previously confirmed their accounts via the validation link are unsure whether their validation was successful or not. As a result, we decided to write this page to demonstrate how to authenticate your vacation status.

How To Confirm If Your Npower Validation Was Successful

Follow the steps below to gain Npower management attention to answer your questions:

Go to Twitter and share a post asking Npower to help you confirm your validation status if it was successful. Make sure you include your Npower ID in the post and tag @Npower_ng in your post.

Repeat this post under any trending post on Twitter to get Npower Twitter handle to respond to you.

Finally, we recommended Npower batch C beneficiaries who have not to authenticate their accounts to do so because you are not a full Npower beneficiary until your account is validated. Details on how to validate your account may be found here.

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