How To Convert Voice Notes To Text On Whatsapp

On WhatsApp, voice notes and audio notes are commonly utilized for quick and easy communication. WhatsApp’s voice note function is a popular feature that allows the learned, lazy, and unlearned to communicate by recording messages.

The audio note option has been present on WhatsApp for several years and has proven to be extremely useful for sending large messages rather than spending an entire day typing them.

Since then, it has become the norm for users, particularly adults or, should I say, the elderly, to respond to messages with voice notes by saying “yes” or “no.”

However, not everyone like listening to WhatsApp voice notes; I’m one of them because you have to stay in the chat to listen to the voice note till it finishes. To put it another way, you won’t be able to minimize the application while listening to the voice note.

Thoughts on how technology is changing the world, and if it has done more harm than good, may be running through your head right now. Save it!! That is a subject for another day. Let us return to our original topic.

There is an application that can transcribe audio messages and voice notes into text for those who prefer text over speech or audio notes.

Transcriber for WhatsApp is an app that allows you to convert your WhatsApp audio notes to text.

You might be thinking that this will take a long time, but don’t worry!! All you have to do now is follow a few simple instructions.

How to Convert Voice Notes into text on WhatsApp

  1. Open Google PlayStore
  2. Download Install Transcriber for WhatsApp
  3. Open WhatsApp, press and hold the voice note you want to convert into text
  4. Click on the share icon on the WhatsApp top bar
  5. Choose Transcriber from the share menu
  6. Transcriber would pop-up
  7. In about 3-5mins the audio would be converted to text and it will appear.

The text of the note will be shown.

However, keep in mind that the audio must be crystal clear and clearly spoken, or the text will display a completely different message.

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