How To Download Patricia App & Trade Cryptocurrencies

Investing in virtual money is now simple thanks to a number of platforms. Essentially, these platforms allow you to easily and efficiently obtain virtual cash. Patricia is a prominent digital platform that makes it simple to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. Here’s everything you need to know about the blockchain-based platform. In This article, you will learn how to download Patricia app and trade cryptocurrencies

About Patricia

Patricia is a non-profit that combines cryptocurrency, distributed ledger technology, and blockchain technology to improve the financial system. Essentially, the platform allows you to do financial transactions using cryptocurrencies. You can also use it to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies in Nigeria. You can keep your cryptos in an Ethereum wallet, a Bitcoin wallet, or a Local Currency Wallet on the site.

The financial firm was created on August 16th, 2017 and is privately held. In 2018, the company established its website after starting its first transactions over Whatsapp. They did, however, launch their first App in 2020, providing users with a more user-friendly and accessible digital platform.

What kind of services does Patricia provide?

Patricia provides you with a variety of financial services that you can access with cryptocurrencies. Among the services offered are:

1. Refill

You can use bitcoin to pay your bills, buy airtime, and buy data through the refill service. Because bitcoin is a global money, the platform has made it easier to utilize. Basically, you can use Bitcoin in your digital wallet to pay bills and fill up your phone in one click, which relieves a lot of tension.

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2. Hank

You’ll never lose your valuables with Hank. Simply said, this device allows you to locate your phones, keys, wallets, and other items with the press of a button. This makes the search process easier and keeps you organized.

3. Patricia Merch

This is a user-only private marketplace. Basically, you can buy apparel that the firm has expressly developed for you.

4. OTC

The OTC desk is a specialized and confidential solution for large cryptocurrency block trades (above $50000). You only need to fill out the form on their website to submit your trade petition.

In essence, the cryptocurrency-focused platform provides these features to its consumers.

How do I sign up for Patricia?

Follow the steps below to create a Patricia account:

  1. Go to and fill out the form.
  2. Next, select “Create Account” from the toolbar.
  3. Fill up the form with your username, email address, and password.

You may also sign up using the smartphone app. Simply download it from the Google Play or Apple App Store and provide your basic information.

What documents are required in order to register on Patricia?

To register on the Patricia platform, you’ll need the following documents:

  1. Your BVN
  2. You’ll also require a recent utility bill.
  3. Bank account statement
  4. Your basic information, such as your username, phone number, and email address

Finally, you’ll need a valid government-issued identification card, such as your National ID Card. This is used by the platform to authenticate your identity.

What are Patricia’s withdrawal limits?

Every account is divided into four levels by the platform. Each of these tiers, in essence, has a maximum withdrawal restriction. These restrictions include:

  1. Level 1 maximum withdrawal limit is 1000NGN
  2. In addition, the maximum withdrawal limit for Level 2 is 2,000,000NGN
  3. Level 3 maximum withdrawal limit is 5,000,000NGN

Lastly, the maximum withdrawal limit for level 4 is 50,000,000NGN

How can I get Patricia’s mobile app?

In two easy steps, you can download the smartphone application. They are as follows:

  1. If you have an iOS device, go to the App Store. Go to Google Play Store if you have an Android phone.
  2. Then, in the search box, type “Patricia.”

Finally, download the app and sign up for an account. You will be able to use the platform’s services after registering an account.

How can I get in touch with Patricia?

Patricia can be reached at the following addresses:

  • Address: 2A Swisstrade Dr, Lekki Penninsula II 106104, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Phone Number: 0700 7287 4242
  • Website:
  • Email Address: or

In conclusion

Patricia is essentially a platform that allows you to use digital currencies in your everyday transactions with ease. This essentially means that you may easily exchange popular cryptocurrencies and utilize them to complete financial transactions. Overall, the site is legitimate, trustworthy, and safe.

Source: Nyscinfo

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