How to dress for a job interview to get hired

  • As you know, ‘how you dress is how you will be addressed’, this post will show you important tips on how to dress for a job interview.

Do you know that good appearance can increase your chances of getting a job? Yes, nice job interview outfit will improve your confidence level and chances of getting the job.

Getting a job is not all about having an impressive CV. What you wear to a job interview can ruin your chances.

Your job interview attire speaks a lot of things about you, and what it says can make or mar your chances of getting the job.

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How to dress for a job interview (tips to help you)

Below are how to dress for a job interview;

1. Do your research

Never go for a job interview without doing a background checks about the company’s dress codes. Find out about the organization’s dress code. It will help you know what to wear.

Example: an interview with a bank could require you to dress as a business professional, while an advertising firms could expect you to dress smart, casual and creative.

How to Dress for a Job Interview

2. Don’t wear anything that will make you uncomfortable

Never wear anything that will make you feel uncomfortable to a job interview. Your suit should not be too tight or loose. This might make you lose comportment or affect your confidence level.

3. Wear something that gives you confidence

You need confidence for the employer to hire you. So, you should no wear anything that could tamper with your confidence level.

4. Go easy on accessories and make up

What you think is an impressive appearance might be a distraction to the employers. Don’t look so attractive in your dressing or fashion accessories because it could at the same time cause distraction to the employer.

For examples; shoulder-length earrings, bangles and bracelet might constitute distractions when you make gestures with your hands during the interview.


5. Seek people’s opinion

Before going for the job interview, seek opinions from friends and family on what to wear. They might have a better suggestion. When you ask friends or family members about what they think is best for you to wear. They might bring in their experience that will help you determine what to wear. However, don’t be persuaded to wear something you are not comfortable with.

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