How To Edit Date of Birth On Nasims Portal, Solve Verify Account Number Error

Do you have problems with your BVN and bank account verification as a Npower batch C stream 2 beneficiary? If the answer is yes, keep reading. If that’s the case, then you’ll be interested in this update.

Npower recipients whose BVNs have not been authenticated and who have not given bank accounts have been known to have payment troubles. If a Npower beneficiary’s dashboard does not show that his or her BVN has been validated and that a bank account has been provided, stipend payment will be delayed.

So, in order to avoid the subsequent stress of having to write complaints to Npower for assistance, a Npower Beneficiary who has not yet verified his or her BVN must do so.

Login to the Nasims self-service portal

Check your bio data on the overview page to see if your BVN is validated and that your bank account is provided. If it is provided, ignore this update because you are safe. If not then complete the next steps:

Click edit on your Nasims dashboard overview page, clean your date of birth and add it again and submit! Only your date of birth will be updated.

Then go back to the deployment page and verify your account number. This will work if your issue is related to birth date except if you are faced with other issues.

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