How To Get FUTMINNA Transcript (Step-by-step)

The system of education has been developing from one stage to another since the invention of technology, which has made things easier than before. Today, university graduates/student can easily obtain an FUTMINNA transcript online, which is a breakdown of their academic performance. In this piece, we will show you how to request for transcript from the Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA).

Meanwhile, here are things you need to know about getting the Federal University of Technology, Minna transcript. Also check UNIZIK Academic Transcript.

What is the FUTMINNA transcript all about?

Federal University of Technology Minna transcript is a summary documentation of a student’s permanent academic records, which includes courses and grades for each semester taken by the student, along with the student’s degree award and other extracurriculum activities.

How to apply for a FUTMINNA transcript

Below is how to apply for a FUTMINNA transcript:

  1. Go to the FUTMINNA document verification portal at

  2. On the portal page, click on the “Apply Transcript” button.

  3. Enter all the necessary information required to ease your application.

  4. Create your company profile by filling in your company details.

  5. Confirm your information on the confirmation page.

  6. Enter your matriculation number for verification.

  7. Choose a document type.

  8. Proceed to generate a transaction ID to be used on Quickteller.

  9. Next, is to login to your profile after successful registration and payment.

Requirements to obtain a FUTMINNA transcript

The necessary requirements for registration are:

  • Matric number
  • Full Name
  • Functional email address
  • Certificate obtained from FUTMINNA
  • Date of Birth

Cost of FUTMINNA transcript

The application fees for the FUTMINNA academic transcript is as follows:

✓ Transcript charge/ e-Copy – N10,000.

✓ Postage Cost:

  • Within Nigeria – N4,000.
  • Within Africa – N23,000.
  • Other Continents – 24,340.

Payment is made online by clicking on this site: (online transcript request interface).

Therefore, the transcript application fee is 10,000 Naira and the extra courier fee is 4,000 Naira, if it is to be delivered within Nigeria.

Note: All required information must be filled in properly using the above site while you receive a password via email, which will help complete your payment.

It should be noted that cash payments are not permitted, and that if you do so, you do so at your own risk.

All payments should be made through the above payment website, and avoid going to any remittance website to generate your RRR.


The only approved courier service center by the federal University of technology minna is the universal parcel service, to which you attach your payment fees online, as they do not accept payment for an unapproved courier service for transcript processing. In case you are confused about courier please contact the transcript office for further information once all applications are made and submitted.

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