How To Get Job In Nigeria Without Work Experience

Work experience is one of the most important features employers look out for in the job seekers profile. However, if you have a strong desire to improve and develop, you can actually get a job without work experience. We will show you how to get a job in Nigeria without work experience.

Fresh graduates without some years of work experience still have chances of being employed. However, the selection process is more thorough than for those with work experience.

As the number of graduates with no work experience keep increasing, we compiled this tips to help them get jobs.

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Then here is the deal:

How to get job in Nigeria without work experience

Below is how you can get a job in Nigeria without work experience:

1. Begin as early as possible

A lot of students get working experience when they are still in school. They engage in part-time work or IT. So, after graduating from the university, they remain at where they work. Or if not, at least they’ve gained work experience to boost their CVs.

2. Take professional courses and certifications

Professional certificates will give you an advantage over other job seekers who do not have working experience. Remember to always attach your professional certificates to your CV. Also, attend training couses to sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge.

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3. Get a good CV

Although work experience is an important requirement employers pay much attention to. However, where it is not available, take advantage of CV to indicate your skills and achievements which can also influence employers decision. See how to write good CV.

4. Be prepared for job interview

Once you submit your CV or application to any company, get yourself prepared for an interview. Some companies may give you 2-3 days notification which may not be enough for you to prepare. See 10 interview tough questions and answers.

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5. Build your network

You need to tell friends, relatives, and others that you need a job. Actively take part in professional communities on social media. People can actually help you to get a job.

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