How To Get verified On TikTok (Step-By-Step)

TikTok, like other social media platforms, checks accounts to ensure that a user is genuine. Many content creators want the platform’s blue certification since it gives their profile more visibility and legitimacy. But, in any case, how can you become verified on TikTok? More information is provided below.

Why bother with verification?

Verification shows users that a profile is controlled by a real person/company and follows the platform’s regulations, ensuring more authenticity.

Furthermore, according to the TikTok algorithm, verified accounts receive more visibility and, as a result, more likes and follows. That is, there are some intriguing advantages.

How do you verify something?

Regrettably, the TikTok authentication process is not entirely transparent. There are no links or paperwork to fill out on the company’s website about how to get a verified account. The social network appears to have its own algorithm based on popular and high-quality material.

However, satisfying certain prerequisites can improve your chances of getting the blue seal:

  • Activity: The account must have been active in the last six months.
  • Authenticity: The account must be for a legitimate person, business, or organization. The registered email must have a corresponding domain if the profile is dedicated to the last two selections.
  • Transparency: the account must be public, with a comprehensive profile that includes a biography, name, photo, and at least one video;
  • Security: Two-step authentication must be enabled by the account owner.

It is also important to comply with the Terms of Service. TikTok warns that all users, including those who have already been confirmed, must meet use criteria. Otherwise, the platform reserves the right to revoke verification.

How to Become Verified

There is no official way to apply for the badge because the TikTok verification system is automated. However, here are some pointers to help you get that coveted icon:

Create unique or original material

You must publish real information on a daily basis to establish your own personality. After all, if someone gets well-known for something, retaining and attracting new fans becomes much easier.

So concentrate on creating captivating and entertaining videos to attract a larger audience and, as a result, get noticed by the platform. As a result, your odds of achieving the blue badge improve.

It’s also good keeping an eye on the current hashtags and challenges to see what’s popular and generate material that stands out from the crowd. As a result, your name may become well-known both on and off TikTok.

Obtain verification on other social media platforms

Users can request verification on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This does not imply that all applications will be accepted without difficulty; there is a rigorous process in place. Even yet, there is an official process for obtaining the seal.

If you have a verified profile on one of these social media platforms, your chances of becoming confirmed on TikTok increase as well, because the platform can verify that you are a public figure.

Make an attempt to get viral

This topic may seem self-evident (and it is), yet most TikTok verified accounts have at least one popular video. Appearing on the “For You/For Your” page might help raise your profile and put you on the “radar” of the firm.

Because there is no magic formula for becoming viral, the best you can do is keep making interesting films. The platform’s algorithm may “bomb” your material at some time, generating a high number of likes and follows.

Importantly, TikTok authentication is not guaranteed by viral videos. In fact, they boost the likelihood of receiving the seal.

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